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greg az

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yesterday the Gov. agency that recomends the frequency of health procedures issued new guide lines for Mamograms. The press is making quite an issue over this, so im pretty sure your all up to speed, for those that missed it, the new suggested time line has been changed from every year for Women age 40 to age 50, to every two years.
It's important to remember that this is a Gov. agency that has recomended the new procedures. The big change is they now recomend the gals get them things squeezed half as often as before(i want you all to stop thinking the obvious here) I know as Men we all get half a hoot out of the whole Mamogram thing, seems most anything having to do with them puppys gets us smiling, maybe it has to do with the squeezing part.. Wife says if we Men had to have our ball's squeezed, they would have figured out a way to do it that wasn't so unpleasent. I think we should all take a step back, and remember that because this is either leading, or second leading cause of death were talking about our Wifes, Mothers, and Daughters here..
The only justification they use to make this change, and they admit it's based on the same data used for the old guidelines, is that there is "sometimes" a false positive, and the subsequent fear that a women might go thru. BULL SHIT!! This is based on one, and only one thing, BUCKS!
Everybody involved with this issue, and i mean everybody, is calling foul on this one. 15% of women who get them are diagnosed durring the years involved. It's just flat stupid. I have not heard one indorsment of the new Gov. guidelines. They site the fear issue as only reason, then go on to say that self exams (again the obvious applies here) don't work. Thinking thats going to cause more fear than anything else.
This is 1) A perfect example of what the new health bill will look like, they couldn't have picked a more perfect example of what the future will
hold. Oh im sorry i forgot he said we would focus on prevention.. SURE!
And 2) And this is the part that scares me the most, it shows how really STUPID the administration is.. They just shot themself's in the foot big time, this will help us kill this horrible bill, but it sure sends a message of incompetence.. I didn't like a lot about Chaney, but i never doubted that he was smarter than I am.. If you've suffered thru this far, you deserve an appology for the spelling, but not for the thoughts..

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Your right Greg

The "prevention" is in the insurance covering the costs associated with these tests.

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you are absolutely right!This is only the first of many"Death Cabinet"type preventative life measures the health care bill will enact.

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It always boils down to money and who is has to spend it. They are responsible, they don't want to pay. If they say I have to pay, they want their f-g money now! I pay for dental insurance, just because I didn't use it, they want to PRORATE how much they are going to cover, just because it is closer to the end of the year. I have been paying out for dental for myself and my family for many years. This is the first time I have used it for myself in many years. Now they want to PRORATE.... I don't f-g think so. I know this does not compare to breast exam and how completely important it is to have the exams. I'm just saying LBC, Greasy, and Greg are absolutely correct. It's an entity trying to save money. I'm sorry, I said save money. I was wrong, if we are paying in and they are not paying for procedures, they are MAKING money...That's what is really happening!

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