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On Sean Hannity's show on Patriot Talk Radio, I heard that there is a bill in the Senate that will give Obama the power to shut down the internet due to "cyber security purposes". Correct me if I am wrong but does this not negate the 1st ammendment? It will effectively end free speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom of the press. Not to mention this is how most of us conservatives communicate with each other. Are the communists in government so scared of us that they have to shut down the web to silence us? I can tell you that this won't work. We have the counter-revolution on track and shutting down the internet won't stop it. We are a grass-roots organization and we will prevail whether we have the internet or not. As long as there are people that still believe in the Constitution, we will not be silenced and we will never let up on this oppressive and tyrranical communist government. The conservatives know the communist's game plan now, and we are using it against them. If you read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, you will also know the communist's game plan. It is frightening to say the least. Obama is going down the line with this and must be stopped.

Before you guys say that I am a conspiracy theorist, most of the stuff that I have warned about in the past has come to pass.

This bill comes out of Senator Rockefeller's office and gives the POTUS the power to shut the enternet down to everyone except who HE wants to be on it...such as government, ACORN, the communist party and so on.

If this doesn't scare the shit out of you then you are not paying attention, you just don't give a shit, or you are a communist. If you want to keep the internet for everyone, then you should contact your senator, congressman and the POTUS and tell them, "Hands off of the internet!!!"

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Has been under attack for awhile, I believe I brought this up in one of my other post...there will be no more talk radio. The Glen Becks,Hannity,Severin,Graham will all be silenced and anyone else that does not buy the left propaganda.
Alot of things occuring in this country and things to come are scary.

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And how or why would this suprise anyone? Do as I say not as i do.

America is not at war. The U.S. Military is at war. America is at the Mall. If you don't stand behind our troops, PLEASE feel free to stand in front of them!

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