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Let me see if I have this straight. In the wake of a mass killing in Alabama, gun control fanatics believe that the kind of firearms used by the killer – who graciously took his own life – ought to be banned.
Meanwhile, as the clock ticked down toward the execution of convicted killer Cal Coburn Brown for the brutal 1991 torture-slaying of Holly Washa, some people are whining that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and it’s not right to execute monsters like Brown.
Are these people nuts? Former Washington Supreme Court Justice Robert F. Utter has a more pragmatic approach to why he opposes the death penalty, and while I think he is wrong about executing people, he is honest and rational, rather than simply emotional. And he offers points worthy of public debate.
Brown’s attorney, Gil Levy, quoted by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer – itself facing kind of a “death penalty” (but that’s another story) – declared “It’s uncivilized for the government to kill people for any reason.”
Well, one must ask how Mr. Levy feels about how civilized it is for guys like his client to kill people for pretty much no reason, other than the fact that he is a “sexual sadist,” as described by court psychologists.

When not trying to pass forged checks, Brown raped and tortured Washa for nearly two days, shocking her with an extension cord and burning her with a hair dryer.
Had Alabama mass killer Michael McLendon not killed himself, it’s a no-brainer to conclude that the State of Alabama would have done it after convicting him of ten killings.
Brown used a knife to butcher Holly Washa, who had her whole life to live. Maybe, if we use the logic applied to the Alabama killings by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, knives ought to be banned, eh?
We do not live in a perfect society, but it is better than anarchy, and far more civilized, we are told, than societies that sentence women to death by stoning for infidelity, or puts people to death by public beheading. There are many who think Cal Coburn Brown ought to be publicly hanged.
Mr. Brown is being held responsible for his grisly crime, not the knife he used. The recently-late Mr. McLendon was solely responsible for the horrible crime he committed, not the rifles he used.
There can be no greater evidence of the ineffectiveness of restrictive gun laws than the massacre in Germany that happened within hours of the Alabama rampage. Germany has very strict gun laws, yet they did not prevent a 17-year-old from killing more than a dozen people.
We’re sending admitted con man Bernie Madoff to prison for what will essentially be the rest of his life. He bilked billions, but he didn’t kill anyone outright. He simply destroyed them financially. But we’re locking Madoff up, not the money he used to entice others into his scheme. He will justifiably rot.
Individuals must be held accountable for their bad deeds, not the weapons they use, be they guns, knives or dollar bills.

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