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i have owened many shotguns in in my life time i can honestly say that a spas 12 i the best shotgun i have ever owned i know i will get negitive feed back from this but even thought its heavy and has extras that will confuse most people but i think its quality parts and its life on the line reilabilty make up for it not to mention high fire rate and flexabilty to fire with one hand with the hook or its short lenght for indoor combat with the folder not to mention the semi auto / pump flexabilty to fire any kind of round from bean bag to low recoil rounds to the heavyest slug i know there are better shotguns out there but if you have ever shot a spas 12 or owned on you know the power that i feel everytime you pick it up thanks and im allways looking for parts let me know if you have spares that you want to part with i pay good [email protected]

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