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Stupid AR

Ok. So I had a problem with my detent spring in the stock. So I bout a new spring and detent peice, put the recoil spring back in, and the spring and detent. When I rack the action the damn spring and detent come out I need another spring. Any ideas on what the hell is going on? am I not doing something or is this a gun issue. Never had a problem with this until I forgot to close the bolt before dissasembling it for a it wont function properly.

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buffer detent?

Are you talking about the buffer detent and spring? If so, it sounds like your buffer tube needs to be turned a couple more threads. The tube is what holds the detent in place.

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amazing.. looking at midway for holsters.. remember somebody (saint or jay maybe) had them flying all over.. Didn't know this was an AR owners epidemic lol.. heres your link

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