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According to Fox news the US Supreme Court may have to rule if Concealed Carry is allowed under the second amendment. This being fueled by some lawsuits involving states that disallow CCW and states that will only issue if you can prove you are particularly at risk to be a crime victim. As a young man living in Washington State back in the 70s it was damn near impossible to get a carry permit. If the court rules against CCW it will be a disaster for people wanting to protect themselves outside of their homes.

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on a State's right to legislate concealed carry WITHIN the confines of the State. [IT ALREADY HAS BEEN DONE]. Also, each state which HAS already legislated such regulations, also has the right to recognize any other states' permits, if they so desire. [Reciprocation from state to state is already a fact, and additional federal legislation has been proposed to enable across the board recognition from state to state ONLY for those states that have CCW regulations-- The idea is to permit the same kind of recognition as now exists for vehicle drivers' licenses].

My guess is neither the lower level federal courts, nor the SCOTUS, will hear such a case as is described by Mr.Bad Landing47, above. I think there have been previous 2A cases that examined what "keep and bear arms" really means. If an individual or class of individuals [citizens of a state ] feel their rights are being denied BY THEIR STATE ( that is,no CCW permitted), they certainly should have the right to sue their state. The question would NOT be whether CCW is allowed under 2A, [it already is]. The question would be: can CCW BE DENIED under (my state's) laws. It might be a real mess. States' rights versus already existing precedent under the 2A.

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2A is the

CCW of the nation. How can the states nullify an amendment to the constitution. Because the people of the state allow it. Read that as chickenshits.

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