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sw 9mm vs. glock 26

i have a smith/wesson 9mm but am looking to trade it for a glock 26. what you guys think. is the glock any better than the smith or are they about the same. need some advise. thanks.

8 years 25 weeks ago, 12:07 AM


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depends on the S&W... is it a SW9VE, M&P, 910, etc...

I still prefer glock myself, even though I'm not too big on the sub-compacts

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8 years 25 weeks ago, 12:09 AM


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snake will trade some chickens for it

...check... G-AZ
8 years 25 weeks ago, 6:45 AM


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Doesn't matter what model Smith you're comparing it to, there is no comparison. While the S&W autos are good guns, I personally have always felt like I was trying to aim a tire iron. The grip angles are horrible. I have a G26 and have used it for quite some time now. I'm not up to the 1000 round mark with it, but probably not too far off. It is very controllable, even firing one handed. The ergonomics and lack of extra switches, buttons, bells and whistles makes the Glock a perfect fighting gun. The only two things I would suggest, as I have in other posts, is get rid of the garbage factory sights and install a set of Trijicon three dot night sights or XS Big Dot sight, and when carrying a spare magazine for it, carry a G17 mag. If you have to reload, people know you have a gun and carrying an extra ten round flush-fit mag instead of a 17 round full size is asinine.

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