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I am thinking about putting one of these on a Yugoslavian SKS M59/66. If anyone has one of these stocks I would appreciate anything you would have to say about them. As soon as I can get a picture up, I'll put it on here.

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Tapco Fusion for SKS

I recently put a Tapco Fusion stock on a Romanian 56 and it's transformed the weapon. ONLY with Tapco magazines so far though!!!! I had no end of trouble with two other brands of magazines, both 30 round capacity. The Tapco 20 round magazine is now my standard. I have to confess no real knowledge of their reliability in use. Every other SKS I've seen was a royal pain to load and eject magazines...Tapco seems to have solved that problem. The Tapco stock is well worth it if you want a tactically acceptable weapon. I put mine together for about $320 ($200 for the rifle and $120 for the fusion stock and vertical fore-end.) This gun made a good friend who previously viewed the SKS as nothing but trade fodder seriously regret dumping his. The ammo is cheap, the weapon is tough and easily modified and made current. I honestly believe this gun to be capable of slogging through some serious mud and bad conditions and still lighting up everything in 150 yards... realistically what else is there!?! Think of it as a magazine fed .30-30 with ammo less than half price...

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