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Tax Bill

Both houses of Congress passed the tax bill on which Obama and influential Republicans cooperated, then today Obama signed it into law.

I'm sure that there are parts of the bill that some of you like, and other parts that you really don't like.

I would solicit everyone's thoughts about the bill, and what it will mean to the country.

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income tax deduction was lowered from 6.4% to 4.something %
which means you might get a $2.00 per week raise in your
Tell me, What can you do with $2.00 per week.
Wouldn't the same money be better used to lower the National
They make a lot of things look good on paper to try to make us
the citizens think they are working for us and our welfare.
Washington sucks
Audit the government and trash their wasteful spending.
But it would take 50+ years to find where they hide all their crap.

A little rebellion is good medicine for the government Thomas Jefferson

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