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FreedomWorks, the Dick Armey bunch that is desperately trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement, is currently pushing a petition drive called "No reconciliation."

Now I suppose that petitioning for redress of grievances, while a waste of time at this point (for the domestic enemies in control have made up their minds), is otherwise not a bad thing. But as I looked at the slick ad linked above, I realized that the ad was truer than its designers knew. They truly have NO idea how right they are.

We are finally, after a hundred years or so, on the cusp of deciding the Founders' question, the eternal question:

"Which is to be the master, the federal government or the people?"

We have finally split into two unreconciliable camps over an issue that cannot be finessed, striking as it does in its arrogant, dictatorial presumption, at the lives and liberties of every single American. Unless I miss my guess, this will not be decided by anything less than an exchange of shots and a subsequent spasm of violence that can only properly be described as civil war.

How, indeed, can we be "reconciled?"

They are passing a law by the "Slaughter process" (again, how unknowingly right they are) that will force us to do something patently, on its face, unconstitutional. If we refuse to participate in our own oppression, we will be fined. If we refuse to pay the fine, we will be arrested. If we refuse to submit to arrest we will be killed.

These are our choices, forced upon us by the tyranny of the power of a legislative majority. A majority, I might add, whose legitimacy is no longer recognized by the majority of the population.

There can be no "reconciliation" between tyranny and liberty, there can only be war. There is no "reconciliation" between those who say, "You will or we will kill you" and those who say "We will not cooperate in our own enslavement." There is, in the end, no "reconciliation" between good and evil. One wins, the other loses. For a time on earth or forever in eternity.

Nancy Pelosi and all her ilk should remember this: People who are willing to die for their principles, or their country, are most often willing to kill in defense of them as well. This is something they should think about now, while they still have the ability to change their fate.

Folks, I tell you now with absolute certainty that after these tyrant wannabes pass this law -- failing some atypical, miraculous intervention by the black robes -- the only way it can be "reconciled" is with the muzzles of three million rifles.

You, the Three Percent, own those rifles.

They sit, most of them, in your closets and gunsafes, gathering dust.

The time has come and passed to take them out, clean them, re-zero them, touch up on your marksmanship skills . . . and wait for their next deadly move upon us.

For the Gramscian collectivists are coming for our God-given liberty once again, this time threatening the entire weight of the federal enforcement Leviathan upon us if we do not obey -- if we do not, once more, back up grumbling.

It is ironic, but strangely fitting, that they should wrap their tyranny in the allegedly soft "good intentions" of so-called "health care." In truth, this is just the latest in a long string of tyrannical lies told by an ideology with an insatiable appetite for the liberty, the property, the money and, in the end, the lives, of all of the rest of us, including our children.

Only this time, we must be ready to give them a different answer -- the Founders' answer at Lexington and Concord of sacred memory.

We will not back up.

We will not go away.

We WILL resist.

They have given us no choice.

The die is being cast this very day by a tyrannical national legislature.

There can be no "reconciliation" short of the grave.

Get ready.

The rough beast, its time come 'round again, slouches toward Washington City to be born.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters

I intend to live forever, or die trying. It Could Be that the Purpose of Your Life is Only to Serve as a Warning to Others. Join the Army, meet interesting people, kill them. All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my hand.

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