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I am planning to buy a handgun for my wife, it is for home defense. I went to the gunstore the other day and they are selling tokarev pistols for only $25 saying that these are Chinese surplus pistols. Is this a good gun? What are the pros and cons? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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i dont know how well it will shoot... but atleast she could throw it at someone if she had to...

tokarev pistols were designed by Fedor Vasilievich Tokarev and were the standard issue russain pistols from 1930-1956. Most likely the one you are talking about is a chinese knock off. It would be a cool collector piece, but I wouldn't trust my wifes life with it.

how much is your wife's life worth? it more than $25, save the money and buy a good brand like sig or glock that is reliable and easy to use. If worth $24 or less, go ahead and buy it for her

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hi all

im a bloke who has moved from the uk to the us having gained citzenship and im looking for a home defense weapon. ive served in the britsh army for 5 years and have handled the glock 17 and the browning hp35 but feel its time to find something with good power and concealable for protection of my wife and 2 kids. a local gunsmith has reccomended to me a beretta 92, a s&w .22, a colt python or a ruger redhawk and want to find out if anyone can advise me. i want to protect my family and my property and if anyone can help i'd be grateful

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Of the choices you listed, I would personally opt for the Beretta 92. A very reliable handgun with a proven combat record and a good defense caliber (if loaded with hollow point +P or +p+ loads). I wouldn't trust my life or the lives of my loved ones to a .22 caliber handgun. A Python .357 magnum will certainly get the job done, but if you use .357 loads the recoil and muzzle flash (at night) will be hefty. A Ruger Redhawk (I'm guessing you mean in .44 magnum caliber) will have too much recoil for home defense (for getting back on target with follow-up shot) and is likely to go through the intruder and possibly into a loved one or innocent bystander. One of the best home defense firearms is a short barreled 12 gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot. I personally use a Mossberg 590 tactical shotgun for my "bedside" gun. Hope this has helped.

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