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3- Check for a pulse. Checking for a pulse is a very easy thing to do, and is very easy to practice on yourself. There are a few areas you can check for, and they can let you know approximate amount of blood loss the casualty has suffered. I can find the amounts and technical names of pulse sites, but I'll stick with easy to understand stuff and leave stuff open for discussion and participation.

NO THUMBS!!! Your thumb has a pulse, and if you use your thumb to try and check a casualty, you may mistake yours for his. Use the first two fingers only. Now you have another thing to use when picking apart a show or movie, driving your significant other crazy. And she thought you yelling about how the bad guy couldn't possibly shoot the hostage with the hammer forward on that 1911 was bad, huh?

Neck- Easiest place to check, usually the strongest pulse. Each side of the neck has one. To find it, find the midway point between your earlobe and the corner of your mouth and go straight down to your neck.

Wrist- Locate those large tendons right in the middle of the wrist where the hands connects, and go toward the thumb. You may need to press a bit for this.

Ankle- The outside of the ankle, between the ankle bone and the achillies (sp) tendon gives the best pulse in this area, but you can also find it on the inside of the ankle.

As a tip on this, you can combine steps 2 and 3. While doing the look, listen, and feel, you can be checking for a pulse at the neck or wrist.

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