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True Story

On the night of 12/19 a freind of mine came to visit me.He met me at my job,were i am not allowed to carry my weapon.So i get off of work and we head back to my home.Keep in mind that he is not familiar with our back country roads.As i go through a darken stop sign he follows and out of know where some numb nut comes zooming bye.Ok we think nothing of it,so we stop of at a local store as i get out of the car this numb nut comes back and starts cursing and going crazy ,my friend tells him that he was sorry and that he was not from the area,that did'nt matter to this numb nut he cursed like a pirate and began to reach for something on his right side.Normally i keep my buddy with me,but like i said i was coming from work and know weapons are allowed at my job,in habit i reached on my right side only to remember that i was unarmed.To defuse the situation we just left the store without purchasing anything.We went to the sherrif dept and gave them a make on his car.BOTTOM LINE IS I AM MAD AS HELL!!!!!!!!!! What a way to show you friend a good time in your town.

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Thats the problem with

Thats the problem with "shall carry" laws. too many gun free zones such as your place of employment. i guess I'm fortunate that my employer lets us keep ours in the car during working hours.As for your friend hopefully that didnt sour him on coming back to your town and he realized that where ever ya go that there are always a few bad apples running around.

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Why don't you get a petition to your employers so that you can carry, if you are legally licensed, into the workplace. Remind your boss of the many workplace shooting rampages. And really stress that they have been forewarned that they are jeopardizing your safety and that they, the boss and or owner/corp is going to be jointly and severally held responsible for any harm that might befall you and fellow employees. Put it into monetary terms, dollars and cents for what their archaic thinking is going to cost them. Do your companies have a viable defense plan in the case of a shooting rampage? When seconds count, the Police will be there in minutes.

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