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The truth is out

Obama is coming for the ammo.
While listening to Coast to Coast list night, a caller reported that at the local gun store, there was a shortage of ammo for most of the different caliber weapons that he wished to buy bullets for. The shop owner stated that he is unable to get as much ammo as he once could, and the stuff that he is getting, folks are snatching it up as fast as he can put it out. The most popular rounds were, of course, 9mm, .380, .40 S&W, and .45. The caller said that he could not find these in any of his local gun stores or even at larger outlets like Walmart. They simply are not available. They also discussed the posibility of numbered rounds and the implications that this would have. I gotta tell ya, this has got me worried. If you have the inclination to buy a weapon, you best go ahead and get one...NOW!!! Stockpile ammo and sit on it. Don't let the bastards have the satisfaction of taking our rights to bear arms without a fight. It is past time for the powers that be to take notice that we are not going anywhere and we have not signed on to this systematic disarmament of the public. We can't afford to dick around on this one. These guys mean business. We have to show them that we can do some business as well. Write, email or call your congressman, senator and Obama and tell them that we are not gonna stand for this. We are gun owners and we vote, so if you don't support our agenda, then you can expect to be replaced in the next election. United we stand, divided we fall.

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We all knew this

was happening. Hell, if all goes to hell, you only need a few to abmush a small unit and then you have their weapons and ammo

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