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Need Health Care; Tired of waiting like the Canadians who need a check-up; sign-up today. We'll be starting a chain of Medical and Healthcare seminars for those truly motivated and in search of self maintenance.
Our 1st in a series of courses will begin with Dentistry. Right here in the greater New England area we're offering our Do-It Yourself Dentistry Plus course. The lectures and study guides are made by true professionals.
You will be issued your own Kit of Dentistry tools to include ; mirror, spittoon, picks, hammers, tongs, miniature flashlights, a tooth mold and a recording of melodic tunes interrupted occasionally with Hhuummms. Sign-up Today, there's already a line and we only have a limited number of kits.
Geez I Got A Toothache llc.

(You have to look behind all of that outer space stuff)
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9, this is the thrid time I started to respond. I figured the previous two would get banned by the mods!

Yes, it would be great if everyone had health care and everyone lived happily ever after. Not going to happen. Some have worked for years and have it available, many have worked in jobs that didn't offer it, many more haven't worked at all and think that they deserve it.

B.O. want's to give it to all. Who will pay for this? Yes, maybe we will demand the doctors to cut their pay in half, we can demand the hospitals to cut their charges in half, and what will we get ... a health system much like a third world country.

We are not equal!!! Some have worked for what they have, some have not. History has shown that "we are all equal" hasn't worked in the USSR.

It's too late for me, save yourself.

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