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I honestly meant to stop in and give some sort of update before this but the meds they have me on are kicking my ass and I sleep most of the time or do not really feel well enough to be on my feet for more than an hour or so. I'm spending much of that time with my daughter who is kind of taking this whole ordeal hard.

I got out monday, rejection is dinimised by then that they decided they could send me home with the meds to continue for the next 2 months or so until it is totally stopped. Managed Care is neat that way....

I ended up going to the range on Tuesday and shooting the match. I took up 78 rounds with me to the line of a course of 36 rounds and used all but 19. Sounded like a freaking machine gun and everyone was laughing their butts off. Seems the Steroids push my blood suger up into the 400's so my vision was so blured I couldn't see anything, just shot on instinct and spary and pray center blur shots.

came in 10 first run out of 19 and 8th out of 19 on the second round. LOL

freaked some people out, they actually thought I should skip shooting and not push myself, but, can't never did and not doing is boring and bordering upon quitting and not much into that.

anyway, I'll be off line allot for a bit, but will come by as can and check things out. THank you all for your concern and thoughts, it does mean allot. It is also easier to share things like this for me with others not in personal contact face to face. I got tired of the looks and the worry along time ago, it seems that people you know in person always feel this instant need to say profound things, or have something to say when it isn't always needed.

Yawl know what I mean, reading "rub dirt in it" made a really hard day that much easier but no one here would say something like that. Well, my brother would and does, hell we laugh at each other when one of us does something and gets hurt. ( I mean we make sure it's not really hurt, first, take care of it and then laugh our asses off) !! HA!

So, I'm going to go lay day again as my head is banging, my eyes are hurting and none of you would look good in a Bikini besides my head would explode..

see you soon

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Good to hear from you again and get better soon. I'll post some eye candy for you here soon.

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Meds ISD what in the world has happen to you?

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greg az

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ha ha.. Get what you ask for.. Wasn't going to say anything about this, but since JD wants kidding here goes.. couple days ago i was starting to get worried about or bud ISD .. so i pull up the "create" thing, and im typing out "whats up with ISD".. I figured i'd throw this out to see if anyone had talked to him.. Started to feel guilty.. im like, well some great Christian you are greg, you've got the guys phone number, why not call him..

I leave a msg on his voice mail, bout a min later i get a call back.. this gets to what he said about taking the steroids and "Sounded like a freaking machine gun and everyone was laughing their butts off." This is sorta how it went.. "HIGREGITSJOHNDONTWORYIFITALKFAST".. Now at this point im pretty concerned so i ask how he's doing, and as it's all private and for the most part good will let that go, except to say that our bud was WAY touch and go for a bit.. Gotta say tho that when he told me "YEAHIMGONASHOTTONIGHT" i thought ....ok that should be a trip..

We love ya brother rub some dirt in that sucker.. or to quote yourself "RUBSOMEDIRTINIT"

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