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From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, President, Alliance

Waxman has launched his fast-track strategy for the
Carbon Tax... AND we have the "smoking gun" that
exposes the fraud of the carbon scheme. See below.


The cap-and-trade Carbon Tax is now officially on the fast-
track and Chairman Henry Waxman is forcing a vote in less
than 48 hours.

Yesterday, Waxman officially skipped the subcommittee and
sent out a memo that the 1,000+-page bill would be pushed
through the key Energy and Commerce committee by Thursday:

"My goal is to conclude consideration of the legislation on
Thursday, May 21... Members should be prepared to work
late on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings."

+ + Radical Statism On Fast Track!

I believe the Carbon Tax is the most dangerous and oppressive
power grab that we have yet seen -- perhaps even worse
than the bailouts!

The Waxman bill will give the government the power to
regulate and control the air -- and you and I will be forced to pay!

+ + Faxes and Phone Calls Needed Non-Stop For Next 48 Hours

Waxman wants this bill wrapped up and through the Energy
and Commerce Committee this week because there is real
opposition -- even from some Democrats -- to this outrageous
energy tax.

That's why it is absolutely crucial that every Grassfire team
member help us flood the House with phone calls and faxes
urging this committee to reject the cap-and-trade carbon tax.

Go here right now to schedule your faxes for immediate
delivery to your Representative and key members of
this committee:

(As always, we provide all the information for you to send
your own faxes, if you choose.)

Once you have scheduled your faxes or if you have already
scheduled your faxes...

Call your Representative and these key members of the Energy
and Commerce Committee and tell them you oppose the cap-and-trade
Carbon Tax...

Rep. Giffords 202-225-2542

We have identified the key members of the Energy and Commerce
Committee who need to hear from grassroots Americans:

Rep. Michael Ross (AR) 202-225-3772
Rep. Charlie Melancon (LA) 202-225-4031
Rep. G. Butterfield (NC) 202-225-3101
Rep. Zack Space (OH) 202-225-6265
Rep. Michael Doyle (PA) 202-225-2135
Rep. Bart Gordon (TN) 202-225-4231
Rep. Charles Gonzalez (TX) 202-225-3236
Rep. Gene Green (TX) 202-225-1688
Rep. James Matheson (UT) 202-225-3011
Rep. Rick Boucher (VA) 202-225-3861
Rep. Peter Welch (VT) 202-225-4115
Rep. Jay Inslee (WA) 202-225-6311

+ + Talking Points

1. I am disappointed that Rep. Waxman is rushing the 1,000-page
cap-and-trade Carbon Tax through the Energy and Commerce
Committee this week.

2. This bill deserves full deliberation and should not be rushed.

3. I oppose the cap-and-trade Carbon Tax. This is an outrageous
power grab by the federal government that will greatly expand
government control and increase my taxes.

4. Especially in these difficult economic times, Congress must
not pass a this tax on the American people!

+ + We have the "Smoking Gun”"!

One more note -- while Obama was pushing Waxman to fast-track
this Energy Tax, a memo leaked out of Obama's Office of Management
and Budget which harshly criticized the Carbon Tax...

"The decision to regulate CO2... for the first time is likely
to have serious economic consequences"...

The memo -- which adds that CO2 has "no demonstrated direct health
effects" -- has been a source of great embarrassment to the Obama
administration. Go to my ResistNet blog to read it:

This entire cap-and-trade scheme is a statist power grab cloaked
in leftist "save the planet" lingo just to make us swallow it
hook and sinker. Thank you for taking action!

Steve Elliott, President

P.S. Waxman is gambling that grassroots citizens will not sniff
out his fast-track plan, enabling him to push the carbon tax
through the committee with little opposition. Because he is
gambling, there is a chance that we can de-rail the carbon
tax scheme this week. Please help.

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There should be a limit on the numbers of bills congress can vote on per session. A 1000 page bill being "pushed through"? This is just one more thing wrong with our current system.

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