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7 years 9 weeks ago, 12:11 AM

Bigshot Nobody

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Oct 2009

Hope you stick around and get to know some fun folks here. Just excuse the intro pic page,,, we try to calm down real quick when a lady is present. Ask around your questions any time. And take the time to say 'Hi" when you are ready. Do you like Shootin' ??

"We fight not for Glory nor for Honors; but only and alone we fight for Freedom, which no Good Man surrenders but with his life" - Robert the Bruce "Declaration of Arbroath"
7 years 9 weeks ago, 12:24 AM

greg az

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Oct 2009
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thats a fact Kendra...

Just so happens there are a couple of other women on right now, and sure hope you spend the time to see who and what we are.. when your comfortable pls put up a profile, pics, and join in the conversation..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
7 years 9 weeks ago, 7:32 AM


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To Gunslot, agree with the above we are a mixture of society we have Drs, LE, CO,MIL ,retirees and well you get the point, Greg is right we tend to act right when theres a woman around, this is kinda like a an old neihbourhood bar, we talk about everything even guns occassionally! hehe Again Welcome

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