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Well it is official

The pork filled "stimulus" bill has passed the House and Senate and is headed to the Dictators desk. This very well could be the end of democracy as we know it. The Messiah and his communist henchmen have taken over our country and now some real damage is about to take place. All we can do is stick to our conservative values and hopefully we can get through this. The communist, hippie, pinko, homo loving, Jane Fonda worshipping libs are dancing in the streets right now. They are gonna be standing in line for the free gu'ment cheese, WIC cards, welfare checks and food stamps, while the working people of this country are gonna be left to pay for it all. This pisses me off. How can the people of this country be so stupid. We are gonna pay dearly for our complacency, but this just might be what we all need to get our conservative act together.

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9 years 5 weeks ago, 11:44 PM


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9 years 4 weeks ago, 7:48 AM


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Stimulate whom?

The senate REMOVED the e-verify requirement. As many as 300,000 illegals could get construction jobs. I know several construction workers who are really p.o.ed about this.

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