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what gun

iv got 200 pound and wanna buy a 20 gauge semi auto shotgun iv sent off 4 my licence and brought my cabinet but what guns do people suggest for me

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I doubt you'll get a good semi-auto shotgun for that
price, but if you can swing it, go with a Saiga-20.

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I agree with runawaygun that you'll have lots of trouble finding a good semi-auto shotgun for 200 pounds, but perhaps you can find something for not too much more. Try pricing Mossberg or TriStar. A Benelli would be fantastic, but they're pricey (and worth it). Also remember, you don't have to buy a new gun. There are lots & lots of used guns available (try pawn shops) for less than half the price of a new one. If you don't feel that you're fully qualified to check out the function & quality of a used gun, see if the store owner will let you have a qualified gunsmith check it out. That's sometimes (maybe most times) difficult to get a store owner to agree to, but if the store owner bridles & gets upset at the suggestion, walk out & go to the next shop. Maybe you can find someone really knowledgeable to go gun shopping with you so that they can check out any possible purchase. Function firing is certainly the best thing you can do to check out a used gun, but very few store owners will allow it. Good luck!

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