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Its widely accepted that eons ago some goop in a puddle somewhere got rubbed the right way and life occured. Then many moons later primates evovled and when our monkey predacessors started the hunter/forager life stile they introduced a more steady flow of protien rich meat which scientists somewhere now are saying lead to our brain's development. All that time natural selection lead to the strongest, most adaptive, and probly luckiest surviving. This is seen everywhere in nature. Thats how populations push out disease and weekness. Now with the progression of society natures natural process of evolution is gone.
On another note hows it hanging?

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This happened to Natural Selection

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Natural Selection does not occur in humans in the same way it does elsewhere. While we still have infant mortality rates and deaths by disease and so on, it is no longer the physically strongest who survive. There is a form of natural selection, as disease still kills humans as it does other animals. The fact that you are able to sit and ponder this topic shows we are in a diferent environment. I have to wonder, however, if those people who talk about natural selection would be okay in the wilderness with only the tools and weapons they came into this world with.

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