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I know I know, another one of these posts. Well I was just reading another forum about these scenarios and a thought was posted that I wanted to ask you all about. It basically stated that the time could be closer than we all would like to think of the S hitting the fan. So they posed the question, why not BO now, head to a more SHTF friendly area, take the cut in pay, leave the congested and easy life areas, and start living like the S has hit the fan now.
My thoughts are, I cant afford to move anywhere, but I do try to be as ready as possible. Im going to get a reloading kit soonish to make sure I will have ammo when the stores shut down and there is not more ammo to be bought, or when money wont mean a thing to buy ammo....which will be worth more than food probably. Ive got about 20g of water stored up, and thats really all I have been able to muster in my small apt. Ive got necessary clothes for me and the wife, rain gear, cold gear, sleeping bags, tent, portable stove/oven that runs on two full propane cans at the ready. Have a half assed first aid kit, that we currently use Have a bunch of duffle bags. Think Ill get a case of vienna sausages...they last 3 years, and taste great..haha most stuff doesnt last that long, and will probably go bad in your BO and be a waste, unless you gotta BO within 3 years...which is seriously possible with the upcomming elections in november.
Basically I would love to BO and start living that way right now, but in reality, I cant afford to do so, still hunting a LEO job, baby due in july, and I have no savings, so I cant just pick up and leave. What are you opinions on this, do you plan to? have you already done so? lets hear it!

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I add stuff everyday. I haven't stocked any food though. I think I will just raid the defenseless Libs and take what I need. I have things like a first aid kit, small stove, firestarters, magnesium, matches, ammo, knives, machete, simple tools, guns of course.

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I'm with Sam, I

will rely on my superior firepower to take what I need from those who are ill equipped to defend themselves, the purchase of my 'raging bull' was yet another step towards that end, you never know when you will need to shoot a hole through an engine block....LOL!

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I already live in an uncrowded area, however id like to move to a different one. I have plans for sure no doubt. this spring im intending on starting a "deer blind" out in the back 40. gonna be a big enough deer blind to live in haha... no not really but at the same time its true. plan on putting it on a cement slab 4x4 or 6x6 treated corner posts as well as in the middle of each wall, make it harder to break into. later i plan on digging me a big hole and pouring more concrete for a floor, throw some blocks down, throw some tyvek and 6 mil black plastic around it after a couple coats of tar. plan on getting some 12 volt car batteries preferably interstate with their 5 year warranty just incase shits still like it is today 5 years down the road if they go bad. wiring LED 12 volt lights in, with a steel door at the bottom of the steps, and a reinforced steel door with dog latches at every corner. will have enough room for plenty of food storage, a bench for reloading, couple of beds, gun racks, etc etc. have already started buying materials for the build. I have access to an excavator but I would rather do it with a will take some time but i'll feel more accomplished in my opinion. so yes i do plan to BO. afterwards i just might come up "missing" for a few months at a time haha.

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