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Mohammed was born in Mecca, 570 of the Christian Era [CE]. By the time he was 25, he had not accomplished much and was growing melancholy and discontent. He retired to live in a cave and meditate. At age 40, he received a revelation from G-D, some say through an arch-angel. This revelation was to have directed him to form a new MONOTHEISTIC religion.
He had the "calling", and went out to evangelize among the Arab tribes, preaching "surrender" [hence the word "Islam"]. In his preaching, he told the listeners he was a Prophet, and the messenger of G_D, and the Meccans hated and reviled him,[polytheism vs monotheism] to the point that he left Mecca and went to Medina. There, with some success, he apparently realized that the conversion of the Arab infidels was going to take some force--a military solution to a religious conversion problem. He raised an army, but it was not very good, not very well trained and equiped, and not very large. He realized that if he could capture/conquer Mecca, that could be the real starting point for widespread conversion to Islam, because Mecca was the religious center of the infidel Arab tribes [the Kaaba with the mysterious Black Corner Stone was located there]. He would capture Mecca, kill his idolterous enemies, and cleanse the Kaaba, making it the holy center of Islamic worship. BUT, the question was, how could he possibly do this against the Banu Quraish [ruling tribe of Mecca] and their allies who constituted a significant military force??
Stay tuned for Part 2.

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