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So--there is Mohammed, with a poorly trained and equipped army of perhaps 1000 to 1500 troops. They are advancing in the direction of Mecca, and some of the wild-eyed warriors are telling him, "we can do it!" History seems to describe Mohammed as an intelligent, crafty, wily person, who has learned quickly, in his struggles at Medina, the value of strategy and tactics. He was not going to be stampeded into any reckless, suicide attack against an overwhelmingly superior force.
Meanwhile, the Meccan scouts spot the Islamist tribe, and report this to the Banu Quraish elders. They send a messenger to Mohammed, telling him to cease his advance, and stay out of Mecca, or suffer serious consequences. Now- it is here that Mohammed's devilish genius is effectively applied. He sends an unarmed representative to the Banu Quraish, and the representative tells them that Mohammed is interested only in gaining access to the holy city to pay homage and pray at the Kaaba, and that he has no hostile intent. He suggests that unarmed representatives of both parties meet on neutral ground, outside of Mecca, to discuss a truce. The Banu Quraish decide that this is a good thing to at least discuss, and the meeting was arranged. The parties were to meet on neutral ground at a location called Huddaibiya.[You will probably notice that every time I mention that place, the spelling of the name seems to change. Thats because the translation to english is subject to opinion; There are probably 5 or 6 ways to spell the name, so forgive me, if I use them all].
The meeting is convened, and Mohammed takes the Quraish for a "ride".
Stay tuned for Part 3....the Prophet and messenger of G-D, makes approved Islamic precedent for fighting a war.

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