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The meeting took place at Huddibiya, without incident. The discussions were apparently favorable and the parties agreed to conclude the treaty right then and there. The duration of the treaty was to be 10 years. there was to be no war between the parties, however both could conclude treaties or alliances with any other tribes, as desired. No armed visitations to Mecca could be made by Mohammed's tribe members.
Now, here is recognition of Mohammed's cleverness:
The Quraish agreed that if anyone from Mohammed's tribe deserted him and sought refuge with the Quraish in Mecca, the Quraish were NOT REQUIRED to return such a person to Mohammed. BUT--if anyone from the Quraish tribe deserted them and went to the protection of Mohammed at his stronghold in Medina, that person MUST be returned to the Quraish immediately.
CAN YOU SPELL--get your spies into Mecca without a problem, but make sure the enemy is not enabled to do the same thing to you??
Apparently the Quraish were arrogant enough to believe none of their people would embrace Islam and defect, while they figured many Islamists would defect and make them stronger by giving them very good intelligence. Really good deal for the dumbass Quraish, wasn't it?? You can guess that there were many of Mohammed's followers who "defected" over the next two years.
Over these next two years, Mohammed was able to conclude several strong alliances, and finally had upwards of 10,000 trained and equipped troops.
On a fabricated military action, that had one of his allies "being attacked" by one of the Quraish allies, he confronted the Quraish that this was not to be tolerated. He gave them one of three alternatives:
1) Pay reparations to his ally, whose troops had been slaughtered
2) Break the alliance with the offending tribe...OR
3) He would consider the ten year treaty brween them broken
The Quraish replied that they would never pay blood money or quit their alliance. So on this contrived situation, Mohammed declared the treaty broken, attacked Mecca, slaughtered every able-bodied male, enslaved the women, and forced conversion on the children.
So, LLE--that's an interesting story, but what has that got to do with the present world situation?
Stay tuned for Part 4, and see how the Israelis got smart[er], and why we need to keep this lesson in mind.

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Very interesting LLE

tell more.

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