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about the immigration they DONT pay taxes until 5 years after they live here, they come and take all of the servieces and no one else can get on them because they keep reproducing like rabbits and we bust our asses just to make ends meet and they take out so many taxes on us to cover the stupid @#$%. Just grow up and MOVE onReplies (2)

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What makes you think

they start paying taxes five years after they move here?

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Maybe someone knows more about this loophole I hear about but cannot find any truth in....

My wife in Canadian... They are notorious for comeing here and speaking english and dodging their responsibilities and all...

She has been here 5 years and we get no tax break whatsoever and I have a good accountant... I hear people talk about all these 4-5 year no tax deals, but I don't know anyone including our immigration lawyer (Adam Driggs, who is chairman of the AZ judiciary comittee) that knows any ways to make this possible...

My question is this: Does anyone actually have proof of this? I am not exactly in the dark here, but cannot find any factual basis whatsoever to proce any tax exemption exists...

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hope this helps,,id=129431,0...

look around here but as for taxes as long as they do not become citizens the corp that hire them get tax cuts as well

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