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Whats up

Hey guys (and gals if there are any here which there probably is)
Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm from upstate NY (Utica), lived also in Mesa AZ, and now in Central Fla.

I used to shoot a lot when I moved to Arizona (the wild west), haven't much in the last 10 yrs since moving to Fla. Got married, had a little boy sold my guns etc etc..

Well sons older now, bought a safe, got my CC Permit, getting my gun collection started and starting to shoot again.
I guess Obama and all his bull shit made me realize it was time to fight for our rights, freedon, and join NRA again..
This country is in bad shape and I want to be armed and ready when the shit hits the fan..

That being said hope to learn a lot from this website, meet some good interesting people and just have fun on here.

I also love to ride motorcycles, been riding over 30 yrs.. I have owned Kawis, Harleys, BMW's, I now have 2 Triumphs, a 76 Bonneville, and a Rocket III Classic.

Rock on my brothers..

PS.. I currently own a Glock 27, and just purchased a Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II with lazergrips.

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welcome to the site. Depending on how everyone is feeling on each certain day, you can get a lot of good information, or a lot of messing around. We are all pretty good guys and look forward to your participation.


"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin & Hobbes)
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RCR29 Welcome

to Gunslot. I love your avatar. Kevin Harvick, sorry to see him get the ride under those circumstances, but he has done RCR proud. Hope you enjoy the sight.

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