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Who shoots 10mm?

Got an itch for a 10mm recently and am wondering who shoots them and what they think of them. Choices appear somewhat limited, I dont want (another) Glock, I have one Tanfoglio gun that I don't like much and so don't want another. The S&W 1006-1076 guns are out there, but I know nothing about them. The Colt Delta Elite and Kimber are about the limit of my budget, I'd love to get ahold of an old DW Cbob or one of Fusions commander length 10mms, but they aint in the cards right now. I am leaning towards the Colt, I like the look of the older blued guns better than the stainless ones, and because I just like shooting 1911s. What about ammo? Most of what I can find isn't much more that over priced 40S&W. If I were to want to shoot a higher power load (and why else would you want a 10mm?) without breaking the bank, are there any options other than to load my own. Reloading is something I am working on getting into, just not there yet.

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I have a 10mm Colt Delta Elita and I love the thing. When it goes bang you know it, and everybody around you knows that something special just went down range. Recoil isn't all that bad in my opinoin. It's a hoot to shoot. Admittedly, I don't shoot it that often. Maybe 300 to 400 rounds a year. And that's mostly because of the prices and especially because of the availability of ammo. Prices aren't outragous, but finding the stuff can be the problem. I mostly shoot regular power stuff, remington mainly and some old stock winchester silver tips. If you want some real full power stuff, I'd look at buffalo bore. Hope that helps.

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I have a G20. I'll use watered down remington, blazer or whatever cheap shit I can find for training. If you want full power loads I suggest looking at Double Tap. Mike delivers quality loads at decent prices. If I ever get around to loading I'll probably start with 10mm and .40 for pistol ammo.

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DoubleTap, BuffaloBore, and CorBon all offer hot/ish 10mm stuff.

I'd get a G20. I've had/built a few 10mm 1911s and they were picky, expensive and just plain difficult to get running 100%.

Be aware that the standard Glock barrel does not qualify as 'fully supported', so some truly hot loads (BuffaloBore) may bulge/crack at the 6 o clock position. Get a 3rd gen or newer; some early 2nd Gen G20s have very loose chambers and can bulge/stick cases even on relatively tame loads.

Hornady offers 4 good loads in the 10mm, from a mild personal defense to a 200gr XTP that hotter than most big-name stuff.

Buy online, I have yet to see a single 'deal' on 10mm ammo at any actual store.

Unless you are hunting, anticipating pistol engagements at extended ranges (20yds+), or need penetration through specific barriers, the 10mm doesn't do much more a good .45ACP--and 10mm costs more.

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