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Death from Above

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Who shoots better?

I read a article today about wheelgunners. It says that someone who is trained on a wheelgun learns good habits that carry over to pistols. So someone who might compete with a wheelgun my be out shot. It warns shooters who never shot a wheelgun to beware. What do you think?

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Wheel gunners

My first handgun was a wheel gun. I shot and trained on the revolver for many years. It developes good disapline and safety habits. You can out shoot someone using a semi-auto just by good practice and training. I have personally out shot someone standing side by side using a pact. timer for speed and draw. 45auto vs. 5 shot 38spl. magazine capacity was 5 vs 5 shot to the wheel gun. I was able to fire 5 shots faster than the guy using the 45 auto. Actually because of the cycle time of a semi auto it can only be shot so fast at it's fastest cycle where as a revolver is machanically operated therefore you can shoot a wheel gun faster if it is machanically sound and well tuned. Accuracy department usually a revolver is generally more accurate out of the box than a semi auto. I was able to reload my 5 SHOT AIRWEIGHT almost as fast as the guy loading his 45auto. With practice and proper tactics you can become very proficient with a wheel gun.

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There is also the psycology of ammo conservation. In most wheel guns you have 6 shots to hit the target and for most, the reload time is slower. Most autos have minimum 10 rounds in the magazine and the reload time is quite faster. In the back of our minds we all count ammo. The margin of error based on my two hypothesis favors the auto, thus the "spray and pray" mentality favoring autos.

your results may vary.


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revolvers vs. autos

I perfer autos, but that is what I learned on and carry. I still enjoy shooting wheel guns, but since I didn't learn on a wheel gun... I can't really comment on the "carring good habits over to pistols" topic.

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