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Who should carry?

So lets assume you run a state and have to create your laws, statues and rules. You eventually get to the gun law section. In your state what laws would you feel are necessary? What restrictions would you have? Who could own a gun? Who could carry a gun(concealed or otherwise). I understand that gun legislation is not popular here. My question is begging you to look beyond the knee-jerk reaction and consider it seriously. Some laws I would have in my own state would be one states anyone can carry as long as they do not meet one of these exceptions.
1. Felon(violent crime only) 2. Prior mental heath issues dealing with outward behavior....etc, etc.
Can't carry your legal gun when your drunk(.08 BAL)
Just something that was brought up in my Criminal Justice class that I thought I would like to bring here and see what opinions we got.

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1-Felon (Violent crime) No doubt. This has to be the most important law of them all. Keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.
2-Can't have gun when you are drunk or in possession of drugs.
3-Can't carry on government property.
All those are basically in the law right now. Can't really think of much more that would be relevant right now. if i come across more I definitely will post them.

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impaired as they do with DUI, .05 and higher....

I'd rather have a better definition of who you can shoot...

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I don't know the legal term, I think it's Prime Fascia or some shit, but I'd say you can carry whenever, but if you use your gun unlawfully, you get prosecuted. if I'm shitty drunk and shoot someone under circumstances that would be justified, then I should be fine. but then again, i suppose that would be one of those "competing harms" things, huh?

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I'd use the laws

that exist on the purchase paperwork,can't remember the form ID number,but the penalty for using a gun to commit a crime where there is overwhelming evidence would be death,as in no trial,drag your ass across the street,throw you in a ditch and unload 30 into your mangy ass.
other crimes such as robbery,home invasion,etc using a gun i'd let you decide what method of execution you could choose between firing squad,hanging,or shot by relatives of your victims.But first i'd sort out the prison population and the judges,some of them might be swinging side by side. It might take a couple weeks to do that.I might have gotten a little off track here,i'll add more later.

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jay sedler

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id say that you can always cary open or concealed and always own guns unless
1. 2x violent crime (assult) because lets face it how many of us belive you should be able to punch sombody once without losing gun rights... 1x assult w deadly weapon or use of weapon in a robery
2. if you have used your gun in an unquestionably wrong situation like grabs your girlfriends ass and you pull your gun and pistol whip him or somthing.
thats about it because in my state it would be more like the old west,somone runs their mouth and a slap is what he deserves,no arest no lawsuit.everyone would be resposible for their own actions and held acountable manslaughter charges would only apply for cases of neglegence not accidents or simple my state the prisons would be empty and crime would be reasonably low cuz wed kill murderers and rapists right arter sentanceing,you would do hard time for most other serious crimes.

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Saint J.M. Browning

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My take

It may sound a bit extreme but,
I would make carrying a sidearm a mandatory civic duty for adults. Unless:

  • You have been convicted of an aggravated felony twice.
  • You are intoxicated to which your motor skills are clearly impaired
  • You receive an exemption due to religious incompatibility
  • You have a physical disability that prevents you effectively wielding a weapon
  • You have been deemed mentally incompetent
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