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Mexico is very restrictive in terms of gun ownership. Have that help them with crime? Mexican government cannot control illegal immigration or drug trafficking into the US; but Mexican authorities want the US to do "more" to curtail the smuggling of weapons into their country. They blame the US 2nd amendment for their problems with the ongoing "drug war" in Mexico. (They seem very good at casting blame. Are they gonna let us run their country too?). This is all socialist-liberal-anti-gun press talk. Mexico's problems with crime and the apparent inability of their authorities to control it, are more complex (I'm guessing) than just gun smuggling. All this talk about Mexico's problems it's just another sorry excuse for the "liberal left" call for more restrictions on gun ownership. It is about establish more government control over the people and less, if any; about the problems in a neighboring country.

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Dark, I hear you man; and do not believe I could have said that any better! kevin

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8 years 14 weeks ago, 10:58 PM


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She came up with this shit. She announced this stuff and it plays into her anti-gun agenda. The libs will use any excuse to further their cause.

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