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9 years 35 weeks ago, 6:30 PM


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i think most of us get along fairly well, and we talk about allot of things guns, hunting and also about each other. and yet sometimes people get a title and it goes to thier head. they think they're above us and think we're mindless.well i enjoy coming home from work and unwinding, with most of you fine people. im not an expert on guns as some of you are, but i love to shoot and listen to experiaced people share thier stories. if i offend your intelligence i apologize, its not intentional its all in systassyn-syn kiss it where the sun don't shine pal.

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9 years 35 weeks ago, 9:56 PM


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greasy, ebear, craigman. I have deleted all of the comments in this forum. unfortunately i can't delete the origional thread topic, or i would have deleted it too.
the purpose of this site is to discuss guns, shooting related topice, gun laws, and politics reguarding firearms.
the reason i deleted the comments is because we can;t let this site turn into an all our war of words between you guys and anyone else. I have taken no sides in the matter, and don't have anything against anyone on this site. everyone adds a little knowledge and character, and has made this site become what it is.
I hope you all will stick around, but refer bashing other members. our job as moderators is to make sure that forums stay on subjects so that new users that come to the site can navigate and find information easily. i think that is what systasyn was doing last night, just in his own way. he has been gone for a while, but now that he's back, and if you read some of his blogs, you will realize it is just his personality. just we all sometimes give each other shit about things, he does the same on steroids.
like i said above, i hope everyone stays and will continue to add worth while substance to the site. I just can't let the name calling get out of hand. I hope everyone understands. feel free to message me with comments.

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