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I was wondering how you remove the lever of a pre-64 model 1894? do you need to remove it to get the bolt out?

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winchester 94 pre 64

Yes, you have to remove the lever in order to get to the bolt.

Below are complete disassembly instructions. Reassymbol in reverse order.

1.Obviously... make sure the rifle is unloaded (common sense)

2.With the action closed and the hammer down, turn out the upper tang screw, then remove the buttstock.

3.Remove the finger lever pin stop screw from the left side of the receiver, then, using a small punch, drift out the finger lever pin through the hole on the receiver’s right side.

4.Next, remove the link pin stop screw, if present, then, using a small punch, drift out the link pin from either side of the receiver. Remove the finger lever and link through the bottom of the receiver.

5.Remove the two carrier screws from the right and left sides of the receiver. (Some models may have only one screw.) The carrier will drop out of the bottom of the receiver.

6.Turn out the hammer screw hold the safety catch up, pull the trigger and remove the hammer upward and outward while pulling the lower tang rearward.

7.Remove the locking bolt by sliding it out of the bottom of the receiver. Remove the breech bolt by sliding it out the back of the receiver.

8.Remove the spring cover screw from the receiver’s right side, then remove the spring cover. Remove the magazine plug screw from the front of the magazine tube, then remove the magazine plug. Withdraw the magazine spring and follower through the front of the magazine tube.

9.Remove front and rear band screws, then slide the fore-end and rear barrel band up on the barrel. Loosen the rear barrel band from the fore-end, then pull the magazine tube from the front of the receiver.

I'm sure that you can find disassembly instructions with pictures if you google it. Good luck!

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once you fix dont go shooting everything in sight;)

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