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I worked late last night. I was "on call" and the Lead mechanic. This means even if I don't actually go to work, the dispatchers call me first. Then I get to decide who goes to what call. Which means I'm tired as hell all the next day. Then my cousin (another Kali shooter) calls me so I can come fix his air conditioner. So today, when I thought I could sleep in, I have to go work for a family member. They tell me first to give me the guilt complex. Then they say "if you are too busy we could just call someone else". That gets me going. I always make time for family. I am not going to let some stranger rip them off. It still happens today. I heard from a co-worker his friend called a contractor. The contractor installed a $10 part, called it good, charged him $400 and left. The unit still doesn't work. I HATE contractors that rip people off. It makes the rest of us look bad. The public sees us as thieves just walking in the door. So off to my cousins house in a bit! See you guys tonight some time. Just wanted to talk about something else for a change ME lol

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Hang in there, Mike

No matter how much of a hassle it can be some days, you're WORKING, and that's a great thing.
I miss working so much I can taste it. I don't miss the bullshit that came some times, but I miss being able to accomplish things, to use my talents, education and abilities. The greatest reward to me was always the idea that I had accomplished something worthwhile. For me, being retired mostly sucks.

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Retirement for me has been great. I've been able to explore things I never had time for before. I'm kinda like Greg in that I'm a loner. Except for my wife I don't really need people around me. I've been able to get my HAM licenses, explore some spiritual issues, get some serious projects done, all with little to no pressure. I've been able to read more, write more, and hang out in places like this mid-day. I'm finally in a place where I don;t have to be subservient to idiot bosses and no one save Spousal Unit, can tell me what to do or when to do it. (Wife and I have a "deal" worked out.) It's been great fun so far, six years into it, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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