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greg az

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The following is a cut and past from Pkato that was a response to a comment, and i'm putting it in the forum so it won't be missed by anyone. I think the story about his Dad is what makes this nation great. the following is from Pkato:

because our government changed. We have slowly marched to liberalism, communism, socialism, statism over time. This has been known from the early days of the Republic. Our founding fathers knew that we would slowly march in this direction and put in place checks and balances to keep us as close as possible to their idea of government for as long as possible. Through history though, politicians have used "catastrophes" -- real and made up (Great Depression, WWI, Global Warming, Health Care Catastophe)to grab control of our country/people's minds. Worse yet, their mistakes screwed things up and they tell us that those mistakes could only be fixed with more government. I mean think about, human nature allows for many people to easily give into someone who says..don't worry, I will fix it, I will take care of you. It takes a strong mind and strong character to stand up and say..."No, I don't want your help". My father had to make a choice when he was in his mid-40's. His company told him (after 30 years of faithful work), that he could not take off two weeks to come out and see my daughter (his only grandchild/first grandchild) in South Dakota. He told the owner, fuck you...this is more important and he came to see us. I didnt' know it at the time, but he decided that his job was not going to dictate to him, especially when he truly felt he should be allowed to go, he rarely even took his vacations (maybe every 5-6 years he would take 1 week off). Anyway, when he got back from his visit, the owner told him apologize for going and for doing what he told him not to do and he would consider taking my father back. My father said, go fuck yourself and left, never to retirement, no pension, no benefits, nothing. He never collected unemployment, never got food stamps, never got any assistance. Over the years he bought three houses, fixed them up himself, was renting them out for fair prices, but he worked long hours, created his own business, etc etc and my mother went back to work. He didn't bitch, didn't complain and never said a word to his previous boss...just went about life, he never considered a lawsuit (which I don't think he could have won anyway). But the bottom line is, my father took responsibility for my mother and my other two brothers, while I chipped in to help them out on my military salary (at the time probably 800 per month or so. But now, it seems like the number of people who are willling to take steps like this to ensure their families survive are too few. But as a society we have made it easy for folks to rely on others. On top of that, our politicians pit us against each other, they tell the poor that they are held down because of those who have all the money...but yet they (the politicians not only have big money, they also have the power). Our politicians are complete hypocrites and they don't have the best interest of the country at heart (a majority in my opinion anyway). Our founding fathers didn't want people to be career politicians, rather they wanted them to come to DC, serve for a period of time and go back to being citizens...this is how it should be, this is how it must be if we are to be a great nation in the future. I am so frustrated at this point...I mean, it hurts me to even write stuff like this...I mean, the fact that it even needs to be written/said. We have gotten so far away from what was meant to be. Like the health care...yes, Obama is correct that people should be able to afford health care, but there are other ways that would help ensure this. However, we as taxpayers are going to pay for some of their health care, plus they receive welfare (more of our money) and food stamps, etc etc. Now, don't get me wrong, I know at times people need help, but having someone on welfare for most if not all of their life, not to mention generations is ridiculous. People are not entitled to my money for healthcare when at the same time they have a car or two car, X-box, play station, are drinking alcohol, smoking, doing drugs, etc...I am not responsible for their bad choices. If you really want to stand on your own can, barring a physical/mental problem. My father didn't finish High School, he went into the Army and got his GED finally, he was smart enough and resourceful enough to do ok...why can't others?

I apologize for the length of this...but I am so pissed off right now. I believe the only way we can get the country back is an armed revolution..honestly, I am not saying we should all go out and do it, but what I am saying is that through the current political system, we can at times slow the march towards statism, but we are not, have not and will not stop it by using the system we have in place now. We are literally screwed in the current configuration. Even Ronald Reagan grew the federal least I think this is true. Maybe at a less greater rate, but still it grew...I will check on this fact and reply when I find the stats.

Greg, you are right...I am not Irish-American, I am and will always be American, my great grandmother came from Ireland, but she was American, she sacraficed a lot so the rest of us could have a better life. I am not picking on anyone, and I am not racist at all...not a bit. But, think about this: Why is that so many Asians come to America and seem to do quite well...I mean, they learn English, they learn our business ways, they open up businesses, they live 8-10 to a house for a generation until they get their roots set in and they seem to thrive in the US, just look around, I don't know the stats, but I would bet that Asians as a percentage, do better than Blacks and Hispanics (even if those blacks and hispanics were born in the US) when it comes to thriving in the US. It would be interesting to check on this. I had a gf in Allentown PA, from Vietnam (her mother and father were imprisoned by the communists in their country before escaping and making to the US). They are doing quite well, the girl (Tracy) works very hard, is divorced, raises her two kids, and has her parents living with her (until recently--they are both out on their own now and they don't even speak English!). She lives in a new home now and her kids are both straight-A students and the top students in their respective grades in the school!!! We as a country (natives) have become lazy and expect to be handed things on a silver platter. This current generation I believe will go down as one of the worst ever (although that could be my age speaking...haha). Sorry again for the length.


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Amen, couldn't have said it better myself.

"We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home" Thomas Jefferson
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PKATO I am new here and have had to leave one other forum (IDIGMYGARDEN)due to the tension I was experiencing on/in that forum. Your post hits it right on the head for me. I along with most, if not all of the people I know, and most are liberty minded people are too cowardly to even consider resisting. I run a small business (25 years) and have the 700 lb gorilla all over me most of the time. But I lack the GUTS to trully resist. I contact Shaheen, Gregg and Hodes on a regular basis. They know me and do their best to ignore and avoid. I am quite vocal and at times it is hard to believe that I have not been "approached by government" yet. I too had a father that was of the independent type. Fought in the European and Pacific theaters. He was a self made man. Did not complain. And built a salvage business from nothing and acquired a considerable amount of land. I respectfully submit he had cast iron balls! He could control fear! He past on this August at the age of 85. He died with dignity and was an example to me of how the end of life can be handled. My Grandfather served in the First World War and was wounded, sent back and wounded again then sent home. You are very lucky to have been born to such a man and I feel that I enjoyed the same luck. Presently we are SCREWED!!!!! Brace yourself for the egalitarian, collective, statist, marxist utopia. It lies just ahead! Jon T

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Amen brother Amen

I don't think we need a armed revolution but as I keep telling everybody vote the bastards out everyone of them and actually check out the person you are voting for just don't fall for the ole hope and change bullshit ooooops to late for most of America.

America is not at war. The U.S. Military is at war. America is at the Mall. If you don't stand behind our troops, PLEASE feel free to stand in front of them!
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I know you feel as we do, but I really disagree with you, check out the reelection rates of Senators and Representatives...I believe it is like 95% or better, nobody gets voted out, We NEED term limits for everyone in government!!!

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