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what range do you typically set your rifle up for? and i am talking your rifle,i have always measured in meters myself when shooting and consider 200 meters to be POA-POI,so i hold low at 100 meters and high at 300 meters.I have also always set a battlesight zero at 17 clicks from right to left and 11 clicks from bottom up on an AR.That's iron sights too.any thoughts?

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rifle zero

for my Savage .270 deer rifle I zero at 200 AK,RPK and SKS I have sighted in zero at 200 meters.I dont know how many feet or yards that many meters is but I can judge it by my eye and know where my bullets hit between there and me with them weapons.i call it redneck windage...

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rifle zero

200 yards with the .243.
with POI I get a 4" window all the way to 300 yards.
Thats where the energy starts to drop below 1000 ft. lbs."deer killing" range.

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A meter is 3.2808888 feet. I zero my M4 at 25 meters. I haven't looked at any ballistic charts for my wife's Rem varmint gun yet. Hell, she hasn't even fired it yet after almost two years. That's 700 bucks wasted so far.

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All my rifles are set

at 100 yards.......We don't believe in the long shot for deer down here in Tejas!

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My work gun has the Aimpoint set for 25m; irons (XS) set for 100m. I rarely get to train past 100m (maybe 4-5 times a year), and the particular piece is typically deployed inside 50m. The way the gun is set up either sight system allows for very quick/close engagements, and I know where the bullet will strike at ranges out to 200m with either sight.

My hog gun is a shorty scout setup (Leupold 2x)'s set for 100yds (outside usage range) and still holds true at much closer ranges.

I usually set an iron sighted long gun up for 100yds then practice at different ranges to know for sure where the pill will strike at 35, 75, 150, etc.

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