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This is the place to grab a cold one and relax. Everything and anything goes here.

Volleyball cheerleaders - Chinese Olympics

I don't remember seeing them at the Olympics. I would have watched a lot more !

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ATF steals man's dignity

poor guy... he just wanted to collect hundreds of guns. But seriously, its messed up that they took this guys guns without him doing anything wrong(besides buyin too many). thats a lot of wasted ...

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kick them in the balls

if you could kick one person in the balls who would it be and why vagina shots are leagal too

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how many states have you had a CCW in? any pros and cons? Im going on my 3rd ccw. with FL being my active one.

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hey everyone what kind of music do you all like whats yalls real names btw mine is jake

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old military songs

does anyone know any good links to listen to old ww1 and ww2 marching/ trench songs

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can someone explain to me what a redneck is and where the term came from?

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Welcome to the new off topic forum!

As recommended by a few members, we have taken the step to add a new off topic forum. Anything goes here, so feel free to grab a cold one, relax, and talk about whatever fancies you.

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