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Shooting this am

Forum topic: 2 years 23 weeks ago - Went out into the deserrt about a mile from my house and went shooting with my friend and gunsmith. He is a retired Army Armorer. I got to shoot a Gen 4 Glock 19 with a gementech threaded barrel and silencer. I swear damn near as quiet as a ... Read More »

Any opinion on Glock 34

Forum topic: 2 years 28 weeks ago - I just bought a generation 4 g34 9mm. First plastic pistol, Anyone else have one. Ill get to pick it up next week (live in NY) Read More »

Re-imagined Facebook Like ButtonNew here, lot's to come!

Forum topic: 2 years 34 weeks ago - Hello everyone! We are the world's largest distributor of Glock parts and accessories, magazines, holsters, logo gear, apparel, concealment items, custom parts and Glock custom guns. We're excited to be on, and hope to be ... Read More »

33 rd glock mag question

Forum topic: 2 years 42 weeks ago - bought a 33 round magazine while i was at the gun barn yesterday, its a 31 with a +2 extension, near the bottom on the back of the mag the letters "PW" are labeled on it... just curious as to who makes this mag. they dont have their mags packaged ... Read More »

Forum topic: 2 years 45 weeks ago - Travis Haley partnered up with to create a "1911 style" trigger for the glock. From the website The TRAVIS HALEY "SKIMMER" Enhanced Carry Trigger System The ENHANCED CARRY TRIGGER SYSTEM that gives ... Read More »

best ammo for a glock 19?

Forum topic: 3 years 5 weeks ago - hey all, been busy, got a glock on the way, hopefully will have the money by the end of this week to finish paying it off. been looking online at bulk ammo, was wondering how good speer lawman and pmc's are. i know glocks will fire anything, i ... Read More »

A Glock 17 full auto with Russian Ammo

Forum topic: 3 years 19 weeks ago - Read More »

Glock 25 in 40 cal.

Forum topic: 3 years 20 weeks ago - Anybody got and using a glock 25 in a 40 cal? Any info good or bad? Read More »

10mm Glock slide10mm Glock upper Goodness

Forum topic: 3 years 28 weeks ago - TSD-10 10mm Long Slide OneSource Price: $1400.00 - 1 Available and Ready to Ship! The ultimate semi-auto hunting handgun, the Glock 20 10mm pistol, just got better. Nothing exceeds ... Read More »

1-3 Gen Glock1 Gen GLOCK

Forum topic: 3 years 30 weeks ago - I got a 1 gen Glock ( like factory ) 4 original mags ( like fact ) & new 32 rd mag ( never used ) payed $20 for 32 rd and now their $60. Should I keep shooting it or get a new pistol to shoot the hell out and use it for every thing? NOT ... Read More »

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