Latest Glock News & Updates's Gen4 G17 Endurance's gen4 Glock test

Forum topic: 3 years 49 weeks ago - has a Gen4 Glock 17 endurance test up. go check it out. There is some valuable information there for people who own glocks. Doesnt matter what generation you have but the newer gen 3 and the gen 4 are at question. Everyone ... Read More »

2nd Gen Glock 222nd Gen Glock 22 failure...

Forum topic: 4 years 4 days ago - We lost another Officer, that makes 3 in 28 days... Maybe they will start forcing them to train or at least make use of the Range once a month, more would be better though. Anyway, from what has been passed through the grape vine down at ... Read More »

GlocksGlock Discounts

Forum topic: 4 years 4 weeks ago - I just wanted to put this out. If you are MIL,LEO or retired for one of the two. If you go to a Glock dealer and tell them you are one of the three with ID. you can get a discount. I know the big gun shop in my town sells them for $420. I email ... Read More »

Glock 21SFGlock Lovers.... heads up a chance to get a keeper...

Forum topic: 4 years 4 weeks ago - Guns International #: 100157215 Lister Inventory #: 9400 Glock Collectors!!!! model 21SF serial #2! Description: Serial number "2" New in box Glock 21SF .45 cal acp w/2-10 round magazinesw/all factory supplied goodies. Looking for a ... Read More »

Recoil SpringsRecoil spring question

Forum topic: 4 years 4 weeks ago - I currently own Gock 22(gen 4) & 19.. While checking on recoil springs I notice they are offered in several different tensions from 12 - 24 lbs.. The factory standards are 17 & 18 lbs respectively. Why would I want a reduced power spring or ... Read More »

Bullet MatchingGlock rifling harder to match a bullet

Forum topic: 4 years 7 weeks ago - An interesting sentence in the article is "A negative for law enforcement is that the rifling of the barrel makes it almost impossible to match a bullet to an individual weapon with ballistic tests, Kobilinsky said." I had never heard of this ... Read More »

Glock GLOCK: Perfection or Not?

Forum topic: 4 years 7 weeks ago - Now, First off I want to say that I do like Glock pistols. I do enjoy shooting glock pistols. When I went to purchase my first handgun, it was a Glock 26. My next purchase was a Glock 22, my next was a glock 23. Now.... I dont own a ... Read More »


Forum topic: 4 years 11 weeks ago - I have the first one they came out with modle 17 ( the one with metal in it :>( ) and was woundering if there is any diffrent in any of the new one's? Read More »

Glock Slide relase spring.

Forum topic: 4 years 17 weeks ago - Any you guys ever broke your spring on a glock slide release. Because, I just did last night. I've already ordered one from midway. Very cheap. Just wondering if it's happened to anybody else. Read More »

Glock 17 (9mm Chamber) Gun Review

Gun Review: 5 years 14 weeks ago - Polymer handguns can be easily frowned upon by many gun enthusiasts. Some call it "plastic" or "Tupperware" because it is light and the feel of polymer can make the gun look cheap. But leave it to Glock to change how a gun enthusiast will look at ... Read More »

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