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FN F2000Bought a FN F2000

I had a impusle purchase this week. I bought a FN F2000 556. I paid $1500. The gun came with a storm 3100 molded case, two triggers, tactical sling and 4 30 round ar mags. Did I get a good deal? ...

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M14/M1A chassis system and accessories

Juggernaut Tactical is having a sale, and Us Tactical is distributing the Juggerbrake, used on AR and M1A style rifles. If you are interested in a "new" look for your M1A, Juggernaut Tactical has ...

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Norinco SKS Model?

How to determine the model of a Norinco SKS?

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by samD
by purplefred2

Obama continues ban on importation of 600,000 historical, collectible M1 Carbine rifles; Fate of 86,000 Garands still in doubt

By Chad D. Baus Published: 7:43 AM 02/08/2012 The Korea Times is reporting that while it has will allow 86,000 historical M1 Garand rifles to be imported from South Korea, the Obama ...

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by jedwardz528

hey all!!!

Hey new guy here just saying hi all!!!!

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