Benelli Nova

The Benelli Nov is a popular, standard pump action shotgun, frequently used by defense enthusiasts and hunters.

The Benelli Nov is a popular, standard pump action shotgun, frequently used by defense enthusiasts and hunters.

Technical Specifications

There is one variant to this shotgun and two main models:

Hunting:The hunting model comes equipped with a variety of sight and barrel configurations. Most of these configurations are designed for strap/skeet shooting and / or hunting. The weapon is made in both camouflage and black finishes. The weapon is considered impervious to the elements because of its polymer coated stock and receiver as well as its custom coatings on the barrel and action. The barrel of this weapon may be smoothbore or rifled, and generally are 28", 26" or 24" in length. This shotgun model comes available in 20 or 12 gauge and has the option of five different types of chokes.

Tactical:This shotgun model is strictly intended for defense purposes. The weapon has an 18" barrel, comes equipped with either ghost- ring or rifle sights. This shotgun is easier to maneuver than the hunting models. The barrel is unthreaded, does not accept chokes, and smoothbore. This makes the shotgun a bit less accurate at longer ranges. A minor different model is called the H2O Nova. This weapon differs in that it lacks electroless nickel finish instead of the standard black coating. This model comes only in 12 gauge.

SuperNova:This model shotgun includes several recoil reducing features, and comes equipped with a removable stock which can be replaced by a pistol grip type stock.

Common Features

* Synthetic Stock and Receiver Cover: specifically for moisture resistance.
* Cross Bolt Safety Device
* Extensible Magazine:this magazine may optionally hold up to 7 rounds in magazine. (2.75in. 12 gauge)
* 3.5in. chamber: the shotgun will fire and reliably cycle 2.75in., 3in., and 3.5in. shells. (in 12 gauge)
* Recoil Reducer: this optional mercury recoil device is installed with a bracket that is attached to the interior of the shotguns stock. The baffled tube of the weapon holds 14 oz. of mercury, which increases the length of time that the weapons shot's impulse is spread across, thus lowering the felt recoil of the shotgun.
* Optional Tritium Sights: specifically for tactical units, which provide constantly illuminated sights.
* Chamber Empty Button: positioned on the forend, allows quick unloading of unfired shell without releasing ay additional shells from the magazine.

Recoil Reducer

Recoil without the weapons standard internal reducer is quite harsh utilizing the 3.5 inch shells. The shotgun is considerably light because of its steel / composite construction. A lightweight shotgun would be more heavy on recoil with higher velocities, however the recoil reducer onthis weapon allows a much faster second shot. Benelli sells the recoil reducer separately from many different websites.

The reducer is composed of two elements: the mercury element which is inserted into the recoil device, and the device that connects to the stock via buttstock compartment.

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Nice duck gun with a full choke and 30" barrel.

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