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The Beretta AL391-Xtrema2 is a semi-automatic shotgun produced and developed by Beretta, an Italian firearms manufacturer.

The Beretta AL391-Xtrema2 is a semi-automatic shotgun produced and developed by Beretta, an Italian firearms manufacturer.

The Xtrema 2 is frequently used by target shooters and hunters, mainly with the United States. The relatively new shotgun is often referred to simply as the Xtrema2. The Xtrema2 can be purchased based on several variants, depending on barrel type, barrel length and factory installed camouflage exterior.

The Xtrema2 was first released to the market in mid=-2006, to fulfill a demand from target shooters and hunters for a complete do all shotgun. Beretta's primary goal was to create a shotgun that would reliably and accurately fire 2-3/4" loaded with light fill target loads throughout the more sizeable 31/2" super magnum round without any settings or other modification to be added to the shotgun. Beretta decided to take the extremely popular AL391-Xtrema, and to severely modify it with updates to supply the demand. Beretta also wanted to reduce recoil as significantly as possible and increase follow up shot accuracy while hunting and target shooting

Overall Advantages
The Xtrema2 was equipped with numerous features that were designed to increase reliability and accuracy. The first is that Beretta stripped away as many springs and o-rings as possible for less chance of wear and tear, and also enabling the weapon to be field stripped while negated the loss of any parts. Beretta selected a gas operated action instead of the more conventional inertia driven action, because the former has less overall moving parts, and does not require changes or modificaiton as the shell load is changed in any way.

Another distinct advantage of the shotgun is its over-bored barrel design, this unique design starts out larger than normal at the chamber, however tapers off to a cylinder choke bore at the muzzle. This feature significantly improves shot-pattern and reduces muzzle jump.

Beretta also spent significant time redesigning the weapons stock choke system by increasing the length of the choke within the barrel of the shotgun for a more gradual construction, and not having to add to the overall length of the barrel similar to after market choke tubes. Beretta then also selected to add the time proven technology of hydraulic shock absorption similar to what is found in cars and add it to the weapon's stock for a significant recoil reduction at the shoulder, up to 44%.

The manufacturer also added features to protect the gun from the elements within harsh hunting conditions, like water fowl hunting where the pounding of salt spray can severely damage a gun within hours. Beretta's response to this need was to coat the Xtrema2's working parts in a micro-thin membrane which protects the metal from any type of corrosion while in the field.

Other improvements to the shotgun include an extra long barrel tang to more precisely fix the barrel tot he receiver. this increases accuracy when firing slugs with a scope equipped to the receiver.

Stock spacers are also readily available to alter the Length of Pull (distance between the butt end of stock and trigger) without any major modification.


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what kind of shotgun is really look like and that guy who was shooting little targets and the viedo was goood:)

7 years 18 weeks ago, 2:40 AM


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Great accuracy, low recoil and great sound.

8 years 21 weeks ago, 6:57 PM


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After approximately a thousand rounds through this gun it quit firing. There is a small o-ring on the firing pin that was either never installed, or it disintegrated. In any case, the inner firing pin spring was broken. Tech support was most helpful and offered to replaced a few parts under warranty. However, the most important one, the inner firing pin spring took almost three months to arrive. I'm still waiting on one other part but that wasn't required to get it shooting again. However, 3 months of downtime is unacceptable. Letters to the president of Beretta USA and to the headquarters in Italy were all ignored. Not even a courtesy response. I was going to buy a Beretta for my wife but after this episode she's now the proud owner of a Remington 11-87.

7 years 30 weeks ago, 11:32 AM


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Do NOT buy this gun!

I purchased this gun NEW and guess what it won't fire! Complete BS!
The firing pin leaves the faintest mark on the primer so it will not fire. Of course I tried contacting Baretta, but they don't list a phone number so I have to create a support case on thier website, it has been a week and still no response. In the meantime I have returned the gun to the retailer for warrenty repair and have been told it will take atleast 30 days before I see my gun again. Baretta, if your seeing this my Support account reference number is 100816-000000. Baretta has by far the worst customer service and quality control of any manufacturer I know of. Whens the last time you bought a NEW gun and have it not work? My advise; get a X3 and be a happy hunter. This POS is up for sale as soon as I get it back!

7 years 30 weeks ago, 11:42 AM


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Contact Beretta

Beretta Gun Service

Via Artigiani, 1
25063 Gardone Val Trompia
Brescia, Italy
Tel +39.030.8341.1

I don't know if they speak English or not though.

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