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The PPSh-41(Pistolet-Pulemyot Shpagina)nicknamed "Pah-Pah-sha, Shpagin and Burp Gun" submachine gun was one of the most mass produced weapons of its type of World War II. It was designed by Georgi Shpagin, as an inexpensive alternative to the PPD-40, which was expensive and time consuming to build. The PPSh had a simple blow-back action, a box or drum magazine, and used the 7.62x25mm pistol round. It was made with metal stampings to ease production, and its chrome-lined chamber and bore helped to make the gun very low-maintenance in combat settings.

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Kahr Arms PM-9PM-9

Kahr Arms made a splash several years ago with the introduction of small, sturdy, no-nonsense double-action-only (DAO) pistols. The guns featured nested dual recoil springs and stainless steel construction, and they were solid little performers. However, while they were small dimensionally, they were noticeably heavy. That changed when the company began introducing polymer-frame models. The new guns retained all of the virtues of their heavier predecessors, but were lighter and required even less maintenance. Perhaps most notable in Kahr's now extensive line are the PM9 and PM40. The PM series guns - chambered in 9 mm Lugar and .40 S&W - are the company's smallest polymer-frame pistols. The latest version, 9 mm Lugar-cal. M9094A, features a blackened stainless steel slide matched to a black polymer frame.

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Para Ordnance PXT 1911 PicturePara Ordnance PXT 1911

Para's Single-Action, Single Stack line brings the Power Extractorâ„¢ technology to this series of classic pistols.

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PP-90 GunPP-90

The PP-90, is a Russian produced and manufactured submachine gun by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau in Tula, Russia. The firearm was an apparently unsuccessful Soviet imitation of the ARES FMG -- identical in most respects to the ARES FMG except that the American version of the weapon is fully automatic.

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