Hi Point CF 380

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The Hi-Point .380ACP models are based on blowback design and are polymer-framed. They are inexpensive and great to use.

The Hi-Point .380ACP models are based on blowback design and are polymer-framed. They are inexpensive and great to use.

Hi-Point Firearms which is also known as the Beemiller is a Ohio based manufacturer of firearms. They specialize is developing low cost but good quality carbines and pistols. The calibres they deal in are .380 ACP, 9 mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. The models which they have released in the .380 ACP caliber are Hi-Point CF-380 and Hi-Point CF-380 Comp.

Hi-Point generally produces inexpensive and simple guns. The company does not believe in making good-looking guns. Their motto is to produce guns that would perform when required without giving any problems and their indifference to the looks to the guns makes it possible for them to sell the guns at prices lower than one may think.

They have slides that are larger than the other guns in the similar region and the large slide makes it possible to get the required mass for the proper functioning of the gun. The larger the gun is, lesser it appeals to one’s eye but there is no problems whatsoever in the functioning area.

The Hi-Point CF-380 and CF-380 Comp has a polymer frame that also features a vital trigger guard and an accessory rail on which a laser sight can be mounted. The barrel is attached permanently to its frame. The recoil spring can be found in a groove below the barrel. A downward expansion of the slide bears upon the spring during recoil. Panels for grip are held at place by tabs and screws on the bottom edges.

Some of the important features of the Hi-Pistol CF-380 are –
• A four-Inch barrel that makes it possible to produce the required velocity of the bullet at the time of firing.
• The overall length of the pistol is around 7.75 Inches.
• The pistol weighs around 31 Ounces (another additional 16 ounces if mounted with a laser sight).
• The magazines can be found with capacities of 8 and 10 rounds.
• The design of the pistol enhances accuracy while shooting.
• The pistol has a recoil compensator.
• The pistol comes with a Hi-Point Tools package for pistol maintenance.

The Hi-Point CF-380 comes with a trigger lock called as Dual Lock. The lock has two halves on either sides of the trigger guard and needs to be locked together with the help of a shaft (spring-loaded) which can be turned by a special 2-prong key. A padlock can also provide additional security for the pistol.

The most important reason of the popularity of the Hi-Point CF-380 and CF-380 Comp models remain in the fact that it is half or in some cases quarter the price of a comparable handgun from another company. In addition, the problem free functioning of the gun gives it the required boost in the sales.

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great company great gun

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good gun i own 2 of them i payed $109 for each of them i put around 400 rounds on both guns i had a few jams but that was when first shooting the guns out the box just like other guns a good cleaning and lube job and quality ammo the jams went away for $109dollars you can,t beat it hi-points are a love it or hate gun my friend have problems out of his but mine are exellent

9 years 20 weeks ago, 5:44 PM


hi point

who sells these guns?i like the in expensive shoot the shit out of it til it breaks guns.as a mechanic i like to carry a gun that when i crawl around under a bulldozer or other equipment if it gets gravel,irt or whatever in it i pull the mag out,hose it out with brake kleen then put the mag back in and go!i dont care if it gets scratched and messed up,no big deal as long as it goes bang!you aint gonna do this with a 500 dollar gun,it gets too expensive!

9 years 20 weeks ago, 5:50 PM


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...check... G-AZ

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