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Nice lever action rifles

I was wanting to shoot a long way hunting… Then I got 'round to thinkin' all this technology stands a good chance of stealing what most of us are, most but all of the time, doing it… So mateies, ...

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CA rifle requirments and some ideas of A first rifle for me

What are Californias requirements to buying A rifle? Will I need to take classes and if so where could I go to get the cheapest price on the class? What will I have to bring with me to buy it ...

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by samD
by ptrudge

Older Gun Buffs - Check this out.

A heads up for all of you history buffs and antique collectors that one of Rock Island Auctions periodic high end auctions is on the immediate horizon. It is this weekend, November 30th, December ...

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Thanksgiving Hunts

Anybody hunting, or already hunted, for Thanksgiving - Share your pictures, comments; stories. Turkeys; Deer; Pigs, whatever.

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by samD

Muzzle Loaders

Who makes the best muzzle loader, ease of loading, ease of cleaning, price, all things considered?

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WHAT IS THIS RIFLE WORTH? I WOULD SAY IT IS IN GOOD SHAPE! Winchester Model 1905 Winchester 05 Type Semi-automatic rifle Place of origin United States Production history Designer T.C. ...

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fore sale Ruger M77 HAWKEYE


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Rifles are firearms which have a long barrel and a stock and which use bullets as ammunition. These bullets are propelled by explosive compounds which was black powder in the initial stages and nitrocellulose at present. Hunting rifles can be termed as the rifles used for hunting animals. These hunting rifles have a stable and tough look and are able to withstand excessive rough handling. It is an indispensable item for hunters as it not only helps them in their hunting mission but safeguards them in risky and dangerous situations.

The best hunting rifles are those which are designed specifically for hunting purpose. The hunting rifle should be so designed as to make it efficient in different type of situations. Hunters always prefer a light weight hunting rifle as they are easy to carry and operate. A light weight rifle is easy to maneuver and the hunter can carry it easily over long distances while on a hunting trip. So a good hunting rifle, apart from being light weight should also offer toughness and must be able to handle all hunting needs.

Hunting rifles are available in different performance standards with different calibers using different types of cartridges. Specific rifles are designed for specific games, with custom made barrels. The most important part of a hunting rifle is its cartridge. Specific attention to the cartridge must be paid before selecting it. A good quality cartridge of a hunting rifle must be able to shoot about 300 yards flat and must be able to hit hard in order to kill the hunt. There are various types of cartridges available amongst which the Remington and Winchester short magnums are rated on the top because of their high velocity. A well balanced cartridge which is designed specifically for hunting purposes will be the most powerful and all round cartridge. However, you have to select the cartridge according to the rifle as all rifles do not accept all types of cartridges.

The action of the hunting rifles is also to be considered. There are self loading rifles, bolt action rifles, lever action rifles and pump action rifles. The easiest rifle to load and operate having a simple design is the bolt action rifle. This rifle can be loaded with more than one cartridge. The bolt action rifle is also simple to maintain and offers more reliability than other rifles.

Next thing which must be kept in mind while selecting the rifle is the barrel length. Different models of rifles come with different barrel length which generally varies between 18 to 26 inches. The length of the barrel determines the total length of the rifle, its weight, its stiffness and the speed with which the bullet leaves the barrel. Shorter barrels are supposed to fire more accurately then longer barrels but in case of hunting as the distance of the object is large enough the length of the barrel becomes less significant as far as accuracy is concerned.

Now the material of the stock of the hunting rifle should also be considered by the hunters. Stock of the rifle is mainly made up of wood, plastic, fiberglass or other synthetic materials. Most pleasing material is the wood which is made out of walnut as it gives a very sturdy look to the rifle. Although, a wooden stock makes the rifle heavier but it also offers greatest durability and strength. Wooden stocks also increase the cost of rifles and the hunters who are cost conscious opt for a synthetic stock which is less expensive and is also resistant to moisture.

While looking at the metal parts of the rifle you will find that it is either made up of carbon steel or stainless steel. Although carbon steel is less costly then stainless steel but it has a tendency to rust. So stainless steel metal parts are more preferred as they are not prone to rust and offer greater durability.

Apart from the above features of the rifle, a hunter while selecting his rifle must keep in mind his nature of hunting and the likely hunting expeditions he is expected to undertake. Depending upon the requirement, he should judge the features of the rifle. If he is taking small expeditions only then the weight is not that important but if he undertakes lengthy trips on hunting then weight of the rifle gains prime importance. In the same manner, the importance of other features of rifle also changes with the nature of hunting expected to be carried out.

While the new hunting rifles are always preferred by polished hunters, a hunter who is on a budget crunch can always opt for a used hunting rifle. One can expect a great bargain on a used hunting rifle and if properly inspected and checked, it may also give excellent results. A trial use should be preferred before finally buying the rifle. The credibility of the seller or the dealer must also be checked while buying a used hunting rifle so as to ensure that the rifle has been put to legitimate use only.

Before purchasing a hunting rifle it is advisable to do a thorough research on types of rifles available, various designs and usage methods. You can also find lots of details about various types of hunting rifles on the internet. Several manufacturers offer their products on the internet and you can contact them to find out more details about the rifles. Jerry Fisher hunting rifle is one of the most popular hunting rifles which are built with an intricate craftsmanship.

Another important thing to be kept in mind is the comfort of the user in using the hunting rifle. It is an ld saying that practice makes perfect, and once you buy a hunting rifle you have to practice using it so as to make you perfect and enable you make accurate shots.

Every hunter wishes to own a nice hunting rifle, which is unique from others and can make powerful and accurate shots.

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