The popular Uzi (Hebrew: עוזי) is a classic family of guns that began with a submachine gun that was compact boxy and lightweight.

The popular Uzi (Hebrew: עוזי) is a classic family of guns that began with a submachine gun that was compact boxy and lightweight.

Newer and smaller variations are considered to be machine pistols. The initial Uzi submachine gun was produced and designed by Uziel Gal in and around the late 1940s. It initially was manufactured by Israel Military Industries, FN Herstal, and numerous others.



The Uzi is a blowback operated, open bolt designed submachine gun. the firearm as well as the Czechoslovakian series 26 and 23 were regarded as the initial firearms to utilize a telescoping or overhung bolt type design. In this design, the bolt of the gun wraps around the breech end of the barrel. This overall action permits the barrel of the weapon to be moved to towards the back end of the receiver and allows for the magzine to be positioned in the pistol grip. Ultimately this creates a better balanced weapon, that is slower firing, yet shorter and heavier.

The Uzi is composed mainly of stamped sheet metal and relative to other weapons has few parts. Enthusiasts site these reasons that make it very easy to strip for maintenance and in turn it makes it much less expensive to manufacture than a similar type design machined from forgings. Housing of the magazine in the pistol grip permits for quick and intuitive reloading in difficult or dark conditions as the shooter just brings his hands together. The negative effect of this is that the weapon is more difficult to fire when prone.

The Uzi also showcases a grip safety which makes the firearm difficult to discharge accidentally.

When the weapon is decocked, the ejector port on the submachine gun closes. This effectively prevents entry of dirt and dust. Despite the fact that the firearm's receiver has pressed reinforced ridges to successfully deal with collected sand and dirt, the Uzi may jam if too much sand enters under desert conditions and if the Uzi is not maintained well.

The machine gun is a considerably effective weapon, and is utilized by mechanized troops seeking a compact weapon. the Uzi is also used by infantry units when clearing confined spaces such as bunkers.

Cartridge and Magazine Options

The most frequent variant of the Uzi shoots the 9mm Parabellum cartridge however the .22 LR, .41AE, or .45ACP are also available. On the market are several caliber conversions in 10mm auto and in .40 S&W.

The Uzi has available magazines in 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50 round capacities.
The Uzi is highly distinctive do to its grip mounted magazine which is very recognizable. This look also makes the weapon easy to fire one handed especially the micro and mini Uzis and sometimes with one in each hand. It should be noted that accuracy is lost when firing the weapon in this fashion.


The UZI SMG has numerous smaller variants:

1. Mini Uzi - 360mm. First introduced in 1980, it is a scaled down version of the Uzi and comes with a small forward handgrip and side folding stock.

2. Micro Uzi - This weapon is slightly larger than a standard pistol and is as small as the original Uzi based on its specifications can be made. The forward handgrip was removed.

3. Para Micro Uzi - This weapon was specifically designed for counter terrorism units by IMI and the Shabak and the Israeli counter terror units utilize them today. The YAMAN uses this weapon.

4. Uzi Pistol - Basically the Micro Uzi in a semi-automatic version designed for use in countries where automatic weapons cannot be purchased by citizens like many places in the United States.

5. Uzi Carbine - The full sized version of the Uzi SMG with a semi-automatic operation. Was banned in 1994 from import to the United States, however can be purchased by United States manufacturers.

Many of these variants are still in high use and demand by numerous law enforcement agencies and special forces through the world including the United States, Israel and Sri Lanka.

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