Kel-Tec P3AT

The Kel-Tec P3AT is a double action, locked-breech .380 ACP pistol modeled after the Kel-Tec P-32. The frame of the P3AT is made of polymer with an aluminum insert, and the barrel and the slide are steel.

The Kel-Tec P3AT is a double action, locked-breech .380 ACP pistol modeled after the Kel-Tec P-32. The frame of the P3AT is made of polymer with an aluminum insert, and the barrel and the slide are steel.


The P3AT is the lightest .380 ACP production pistol in the world. The weapon weights in at 8.3 ounces empty. The pistol measures only 5.2" long, 3.5" high and .77" wide however the pistol is approximately the same size as many diminutive .225 and .22 caliber pistols. The cartridge of the P3AT capacity is 6+1, and there is also a one-round magazine extension on the market. The 5 lbs. trigger is relatively light. These diminutive attributes have made the Kel-Tec P3AT a favorite for law enforcement officers as a back up or off duty carry / conceal pistol as well as civilians with concealed carry permits. In order to keep the size similar to the P32, the P3AT does not have any sort of slide stop.


The P3AT was subject to intense criticism directed at its nearly all polymer construction and coupled with the weak performance of the .380 ACP ammunition that the weapon fires. Officers and private owners state that because most self defense situations happen within seven yards or approximately 21 feet and therefore the P3AT is adequate. The weapon has experienced strong sales for civilian conceal and carry, home defense and law enforcement backup or off duty service.

The weapon included the cartridge .380 are consistently marketed towards women because of the compact size and the relatively small recoil. The small size however coupled with the low weight creates a bit greater intensity of recoil. The recoil is frequently described as being snappy and is sometimes stated to be a sting agains the fingers vs. the push that a larger caliber handgun gives to the body.

Finnish of the Weapon

The P3AT can be purchased in either a black and parkerized or matte chrome slide, and an olive drab or grey polymer frame. Currently the weapon is in teh second generation and has made big improvements in reliability and performance from the first generation. A key distinction from the first generation is the extractor. The second generation extractor has a buton head hexagonal screw towards the backend of the extractor. this is at an angle on the side of the gun. The first generation has a conventional external extractor parallel to the side of the gun.

Female Conceal and Carry

The P3AT and its close relative, the P32, are extremely popular weapons for conceal and carry with women shooters because of their light and small size as well as their double action pull. The P3AT is extremely well suited within a defensive role because it is small enough to fit in purses however packs the .380 ammunition which is notable for stopping power. This weapon will effectively penetrate the 12 inch depth required to meet FBI standards.


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out of the box

two weeks ago i picked up one of the p3at's. i was already unsure of getting it or not to. it was a good choice! my first shot out of the box was center mass at about 7 yds. one week later, i tried the p3at at 25 YARDS!!!! IT WAS STILL ON THE MONEY! if you are unsure to get one or not, you will not make a bad move with this piece! of course, i practice shooting in the rain and other weather conditions, and will shoot on lunch breaks if i have time, but practice with any firearm that you get and please be careful! one more thing, the blazer ammo does great, but DO NOT BUY THE MONARCH BRAND HOLLOW POINT, because it makes it jam.

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Kel-tec P3AT

I have just recently purchased one of these little pistols. I have seen several comments on how this would make a fine gun for a female shooter. I am 5' 10" and weigh 185 and I can barely operate the slide. Maybe it will loosen up a bit with more firing, but any women strong enough to load this gun, I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, even without the gun! She wouldn't need it!

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Lawman 32 TMJ jam and miss fires out of 50 rounds i had 5 miss fires & about 4 jam. the magtech is a good cartridges for the P-32 in both fmc & jhp.

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I've put alot of rounds through mine, and have had only one problem. The problem happened during the break-in period that Kel-Tec suggest. I also polished the feed ramp and cleaned up a few parts with sandpaper. I carry this gun daily, it is with me from the moment i wake up till I lay down at night. It's so small you easlily forget it's there. Carry good ammmo (Hornady Critical Defense) and keep clean, you should be fine. I trust my life with this gun.

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