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Bushmaster M4

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Glock 33Glock 33

The Glock 33 is a semi-automatic sub-compact is a pistol produced and manufactured by the Austrian company, Glock.

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FN Special Police Rifle A1aFN Special Police Rifle A1a

As the name would suggest, it is intended for use by law enforcement agencies, and was one of two rifles (along with one from H-S Precision) approved in 2004 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for use of by their SWAT teams. This FBI variant has the model name FNH SPR-USG (USG – US Government).

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HK P2000SK PictureHK P2000SK

The HK P2000SK is a somewhat smaller version than the regular sized P2000.

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Ruger MP9Ruger MP9

The Ruger MP9 introduced by Sturm, Ruger in 1995 is a 9mm submachine gun/machine pistol.

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Type 100 Submachine GunType 100 Submachine Gun

The Type 100 Submachine Gun(in Japanese 一〇〇式機関短銃 Hyaku-shiki kikan-tanju) was a somewhat prevalent Japanese submachine gun used extensively during World War II, and to date, the only submachine gun produced in and by Japan in any quantity.

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