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Intratec TEC-9Intratec TEC-9

The Intratec TEC-9 is a semi-automatic, blowback-operated, 9mm Parabellum caliber firearm.

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Walther WA 2000Walther WA 2000

The Walther WA 2000 bullpup sniper rifle was first manufactured and designed in the early 1970's by the Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen company from the its inception as a specialized police and law enforcement sniper rifle and not as an adaptation of an existing rifle.

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Glock 24CGlock 24C

The difference between the Glock 24C and the Glock 24 is that the slide and barrel are ported on the Glock 21C model to reduce muzzle climb while firing the pistol.

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Mossy Tac.Mossberg 500 Tactical

The Mossberg 500 is a shotgun manufactured by O.F. Mossberg & Sons. Rather than a single model, the 500 is really a series of widely varying hammerless, pump action repeaters, all of which share the same basic receiver and action, but differ in bore size, barrel length, choke options, magazine capacity, and "furniture" (stock and forearm) materials.

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The SCAR-H stands for heavy and was designed to fire 7.62mm NATO ammunition. See FN SCAR for full details.

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Armalite AR 50Armalite AR-50

The ArmaLite AR-50 is a bolt action, single shot rifle manufactured by Armalite containing a distinct octagonal receiver embedded into an aluminum stock.

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