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Lee-Enfield No.4 MKI T

Well restoration is underway on the No.4. Couple concerning questions arose during the cosmoline removal and blue removal. On the reciver it says No.4 MKI T im obviouly confused as the T signifys ...

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by Snake

.308 AR

Hello, my friends! I have a project in mind, but I'm not sure how difficult it would be. I want to build a .308 on an AR platform, but I'm not sure what I need to start with. 1. Would a standard ...

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by dynadog44

SKS mag's

Do any of you SKS owners know where to get 'quality' mags? My Chinese SKS didn't come with a mag when I bought it (I assumed it would come with one but assumed wrong) anyway, I bought two 30 round ...

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War Horses

Let's see the old 'Battle Axe's'............Here is my heard!

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H&R Reising model 60

H&R Reising model 60 semi auto .45 ACP very rare WW2 and law enforcement weapon. If it was in original condition it would be worth much more than my asking price. Stock has been modified (not ...

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Savage Mark 2 Bolt Action .22Savage Mark 2 .22 Rifle Only 150 Rounds fired down range

This is a slightly used but in perfect working condition Savage Mark 2, .22 rifle. Bought it new for $185.00 with one std 10 rd mag. Great accuracy! Can tag a pop can w/ no scope @ 150 yards away ...

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M- GarandM-1

M-1 30 Cal. Springfield Receiver Imported by Blue Sky M-1 Garand

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Ruger M-77  6MM REM Heavy BarrelGuntotengrocers

Ruger M -77 6MM Heavy Barrel 6x18 Burris Scope

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lookin for a hunting rifle between 100 to 200 please help

i need a hunting rifle wanting to go hunting before i join the marines please help anyone

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.308 Cal. Mossburg.308 cal. Mossburg

2010 model .308 by Mossberg. Includes floating barrel, holds 4 bullets internal magazine, has been shot about 15 times. Synthetic stock all black. Konus 3x9 50mm scope on it.It has after market ...

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Remington 30-06Model 770

I have a Reminton 30-06 model 770 SPRG. I put a center point scope that has 5 green and 5 red fiber optic light settings. It has a Allen strap that holds 4 shells. And recoil pad for the butt.

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johnson M1941Johnson M1941

Here is my Johnson M1941 it is in great condition. I am asking 5800.00 please e-mail me if you are interested. I will take cashiers check, or personal check but the rifle will not ship until the ...

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johnson m1941

I have a johnson M1941. It is in beautiful condition. The serial # is B4078. I just had it checked out by a local dealer and he said it is all original and in great condition. I am asking 5800.00, ...

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Ruger 10/22 For Sale, Ruger 10/22

Just bought a Ruger 10/22 new (one month ago). I have put maybe 50 rounds through it. That's it. I also have a cleaning kit, strap, rifle case and three mags. I'm selling the package for one ...

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Beretta CX4 Storm

Bought it a few months ago nut don't have the time to take it out and play. Looking for trades. email for pics

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Pneu Dart Model 193

I have a Pneu dart 193 tranquilizer gun for sale,in excellent condition. I also have 47 type C darts from 6cc to 1cc including practice darts and charges for all ranges and dart combinations.$700 ...

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7x30 waterswinchester model 94,7x30 waters cal.rifle.

24",rifle with sling,2 boxs ammo,and peep sight added. Is great deer killer out to 200yards ,looks like 30/30 but shoots faster,farther,straighter,

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Winchester 270

Winchester mod. 70 270 Winchester Bolt Action tasco 3-9x40 scope this gun has been shot 8 times. i got into a car accident and have pins in my shoulder, and this has too much kick for me. sale ...

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AKSU-74AKSU-74 "Krinkov" SBR by AZEX

New condition K-var kit built into a registered short-bbled rifle. Lifetime warranty. Rivet work and finish unparalleled quality. Moly over park finish. Bulgarian cyrillic fire control engraving. ...

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Self-defense is man’s natural instinct. He has looked for different ways of protecting himself since the inception of civilization. Sophisticated armaments slowly replaced crude stone weapons over the ages. Today mankind is equipped with such lethal weapons that misjudgment and indiscriminate use of any can cause devastation of unconceivable proportion. The rifle is an important firearm, which has been used by man over centuries to attack as well as defend and to establish his supremacy. It is designed to position on the shoulder and fire.

How did the rifle get its name? The interior wall of the barrel of the rifle is carved with grooves also known as ‘ rifling’. The gun came to be known as a ‘rifled gun’ because of these inner surface grooves. When the tip of these undulations come in contact with the bullet or projectile, a spinning motion is imparted which not only helps to stabilize the bullet but increase its accuracy and range. Today we use riffles for sports, hunting and warfare.

It is difficult to say when actually the story of the rifle began. In a Swiss government edict we find the mention of rifled arms. These were not very effective as they were used with crude cannonballs and bullets of that time. It is difficult to pinpoint the origin of the rifle. It may have originated in fifteenth century Europe. Earlier, the use of muskets, or light guns with long barrels, was very common. Their bores had to be cleaned of smoke and soot frequently. Vigorous and repeated scrubbing led to the formation of ‘soot grooves’, which in turn led to the enhancement of accuracy. This is however conjectural. It was another three hundred years before the weapon came to be used largely by the infantry. It replaced the musket because of the less loading time it required. In the nineteenth century a weapon called the ‘rifled musket came to be used and the British army deployed rifle regiments equipped with the ‘baker rifle’ against Portugal and Spain. Their weapons proved to be effective because of their range and accuracy.

During the First World War the rifle proved to be the most important weapon for the infantry despite the availability of more advanced technology in the form of machine guns, grenade and mortar. The infantry had to march forward during an assault and the machine gun proved to be cumbersome owing to its weight and bulk. The effectiveness of mortar was reduced by the fact that it involved a single shot, and as for grenade, transportation in buckets proved tiring and the supplies were exhausted easily. In such a scenario the rifle proved to be the most important weapon of assault. The German army used the German Mauser. However its disadvantage lay in the fact that its magazine could hold only five cartridges. It was however used extensively for sniping. The British soldiers were equipped with the British Lee Enfield with a ten-cartridge capacity. It was dependable and sturdy and was used even in the Second World War. Even the U.S and Canadian army adopted this model. The French army used the French Berthier and the Springfield.U.S. Carbine, a type of short-barreled rifle, was also used in the First World War.

The bloodbath and butchery of the First World War was the greatest vilification and at the same time vindication of the rifle. The war saw extensive use of the Lee-Enfield rifles, which had a firing range of about one mile. It was difficult to cause rampage with individual firing but attack from a platoon produced the effect of an assault caused by a machine gun. By the Second World War its use was slowly phasing out as it was unanimously accepted that distant assaults were best carried out with machine guns and attention was being diverted towards more advanced and compact weaponry. Anti material rifles is the latest development. The Barrett M82A1 developed by U.S.A. is the best example of such rifle. It is used to attack radio trucks, control vehicles and even engines of army aircraft. Anti material rifles are unsuitable for attacks on humans as their bulk and massive recoil impact render them less practical. In 2002 Rob Furlong, a Canadian army personnel, shot a Taliban rebel group in Afghanistan from a distance of 2,430 meters in the course of Operation Anaconda with a McMillan TAC-50 rifle.

The story of the rifle remains incomplete without a discussion on the different types of rifles. The air rifle makes use of compressed air or gas for firing projectiles. Such rifles are mainly used for hunting and sporting events. The cavalry of the Union Army adopted Spencer repeating rifle during American Civil War. A lighter and smaller version was the Spenser Carbine. Automatic rifles are self-loading in nature but are incapable of firing automatically. The assault rifle is a sub category of automatic rifle.eg The Kalashnikov AK-47.The more expensive Double Barreled Rifle consists of two barrels as a result of which the recoil impact is greater. This rifle was once very popular in India as well as Africa for hunting purposes as 2 quick shots were fired one after the other. The Lloyd Rifle, named after its inventor David Lloyd is highly accurate at long ranges. The Anti Material Rifle is effective for targeting enemies at a long range at a low cost. Some other important names are the Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Recoilless Rifle, and Pennsylvania or Kentucky Rifle.

Nowadays rifles are very commonly used for hunting as well as sporting events. The AR-15 and AK-47 are today popular in U.S.A for shooting target. The use of these kinds of rifles is forbidden or restricted. So single shot rifles are used instead. The story of the rifle continues as science and technology continues to work at it in order to bring in greater efficacy and utility.

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