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The SIG P229 pistol was designed as a conceal and carry weapon and is a very compact firearm. The standard models of this weapon feature a SA/DA trigger however are also available with a DAO trigger.

The SIG P229 pistol was designed as a conceal and carry weapon and is a very compact firearm. The standard models of this weapon feature a SA/DA trigger however are also available with a DAO trigger.


Recently, the SIG P229 firearm was made available in a Double Action Kellerman version also known as DAK. This system is a DAO operation with a smoother, lighter pull that the standard DAO handguns and two trigger reset points.

The SIG P229 is a variant of the P226, however has several key differentiations. The SIG P226 is a full size firearm, whereas the P229 is the compact version of the firearm. The SIG P226 was originally produced and manufactured utilizing a stamped steel slide positioned on the aluminum alloy frame of the pistol. The SIG P229 is composed of a milled stainless steel slide. It generally colored in black with a strong Nitron finnish. The SIG P229 and SIG P226 firearms both come available with optional forged stainless steel frames and optional accessory rails.
The P229 differs from its cousin, the P226 in several respects. The P226 is

The SIG P229 may be chambered in .257 SIG, .40 S&W or 9mm calibers. Simply switching out the barrel can enable the weapon to change between .357 SIG and .40 S&W. Several companies sell conversion barrels including Bar-Sto Precision Machine which can also enable a 9mm caliber. The 9mm however cannot be changed to another caliber.

P229 DAK

SIGARMS announced a newer and improved model of the DAO or Double Action only SIG. This version is called the Double Action Kellerman or DAK based on the designer of the system.


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.257 Sig caliber

what are the ballistics?? how much does a .257 weigh? how fast is it traveling. this translates into how many foot pounds of energy??

What is a comparable round--energy and sizewise??

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P229R Equinox .40 S&W

I've had a P229R Equinox in .40 S&W (I believe the only caliber the P229R Equinox is available) for about 4 months. This gun has an outstanding trigger feel. The SA pull is long and tight (like most SA firearms) but very smooth. The DA pull has a small amount of take up, but is very smooth with a crisp break. The grip angle is a little too vertical/perpendicular to the bore axis for my taste. I didn't care for the original grips on my Equinox model, so I ordered standard grips from the Sig Sauer website and I'm much happier with them. They are a little less chunky in the hand and they have more stippling in the right places (not to mention I think they just look better than the grey wood grips). I do enjoy firing this pistol, but I think I would enjoy firing the 9mm version better. In this instance, I really enjoy the looks of the Equinox so I think I will keep it, but I definitely want to pick up another P229R or a P226R chambered for 9mm. This may be my only .40 S&W because I'm just not a fan of the .40 S&W round and the .357 ammo is a little pricey here in California. All that being said, this pistol is a fine piece of machinery. The trigger takes a little getting used to for me, but this heavy pistol provides a very stable platform and the SA/DA mechanism is my favorite among all of the production pistols.

Note: I wish this website was structured more like a WIKI. The original poster of this description had some typos and has neglected to correct them for well over two years. Not cool and it takes away from this sites integrity.

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.40 S&W, .357 SIG, 9 x 19 mm Parabellum

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